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Latest news & tips from the ground transportation industry

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More Luxury: The Battles to Come in the Sky Between New York and L.A.

The competition on the transcontinental routes is fiercer than ever – airlines are adding more space, luxury, privacy and, of course, profits. This year we have seen more mini-suites; offering total privacy, lie-flat seats and first class cabins aimed at the VIP market. The trend is set to get...

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Royal Coachman’s Travel Tips: How to get a seat reservation

Seat reservations on airlines can sometimes be harder to come by than a table at a hot restaurant.  Just like slipping the maître d’ a tip, there are ways around this problem. Airlines will routinely block seats for a variety of reasons that make sense to them. A recent...

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Hotel industry predicts best results in 6 years

The economic upturn is being felt by the hotel industry, with occupancy levels up and a bright outlook for profits, reports PwC. The key indicator of revenue per available room should increase by nearly 6% this year and over 6% in 2014. There are a few reasons for this:...

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Royal Coachman’s Travel Tidbits: JetBlue to add business-class and “mini-suites”

JetBlue has indicated in a filing to the Federal Aviation Administration that it will start to fit four “mini-suites” on some of its fleet of Airbus A321s. The story has run in a number of industry publications including Aviation Week. The A321 is operated on a number of trans-continental...

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Royal Coachman’s Top 3 Travel Trends That Will Affect Travel This Year

Travel Trend #1: Airport Nirvana from Terminal Hades? As the airline experience itself continues to ebb and flow, airports are seeing a buzz of activity and are reinventing themselves around user experience and design.  The new normal as exemplified by Incheon International Airport in Seoul, Madrid’s Barajas Airport, or...

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