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Latest news & tips from the ground transportation industry

business travel accessories

4 Best Business Travel Accessories for Road Warriors

To be a serious road warrior, it is important to take full advantage of several business travel accessories. These accessories will make travel easier, more convenient, better organized, and more productive. Because new accessories are introduced all the time, you will have no problem finding those that benefit you...

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Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Money Safe on Your Next Business Trip

It can be tough to keep your wits about you when traveling. Criminals prey on visitors who may not be paying attention to their surroundings and the people around them as much as the locals do. Even seasoned travelers can be distracted by the details of their trip. Being...

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Holiday Gifts and Souvenirs You Should Avoid Bringing Back From Your Business Trips

Do you have eager family members and friends waiting for you to return from your latest business trip? When the holidays are nearing, this becomes especially important. Souvenirs are a great way to make the people around you feel included, especially if you’re away often — but there are...

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Is Traveling By Plane Dangerous?

News of the latest Malaysian flight to go down has led many potential passengers to wonder whether traveling by plane may be more dangerous than it at first appears. In fact, the dangers involved when traveling by plane have been going down for many years and plane flight remains...

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