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Steps You Can Take to Keep Your Money Safe on Your Next Business Trip

It can be tough to keep your wits about you when traveling. Criminals prey on visitors who may not be paying attention to their surroundings and the people around them as much as the locals do.

Even seasoned travelers can be distracted by the details of their trip. Being in unfamiliar regions may make you more vulnerable to crime. This is because you are operating under the assumptions of your familiar home environment rather than knowing about the dangers and risks of another country. With that in mind, why we were pleased to see a recent article at Huffington Post on how travelers can keep their money safer.

Prior to leaving for your trip, plan to bring multiple credit cards, in case one is stolen or lost when you’re away from home. Each card should be from a different network (like MasterCard or Visa.) You should then contact your credit card companies to let them know about your travel plans so they don’t decline a charge because it deviated from your “typical” buying patterns.

Also, check in with your bank to determine whether you will be able to use ATMs at your destination. Ask the bank to increase your ATM withdrawal limits if you expect you’ll be needing to take out large amount of cash, but have them confine the upper limit to the days you will be traveling. This way, it will limit a criminal’s ability to siphon cash from your account.

Make photocopies of each debit card and credit card (along with IDs such as your driver’s license and passport) and leave copies with a trusted friend or relative so you can access them if yours go missing. Leave photocopies at your hotel as well.

Wait until the last minute to put your carryon bags on the security conveyer belt, to reduce the amount of time thieves can access them when you’re distracted by screeners.

Do not keep all your cash or credit cards in the same pocket or bag. People traveling together should divide their money amongst themselves to minimize losing all of their money at once to crime.

When getting cash in a foreign country, use an ATM inside the banking institution rather than one that is outside and more exposed.

We hope that you will take these tips into consideration and will never have to experience the sinking feeling that can happen when you realize that someone has stolen your money while traveling. Travel safely!

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