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Holiday Lights tours

Customized Holiday Light Tours Anywhere in New Jersey State

There are few experiences quite as magical as enjoying a Holiday Lights Tour around Christmas time. Especially if you are in the New Jersey and Newark area, where people and businesses go the extra mile to light up the streets with spectacular displays. Whether this is your first time taking a lights tour in New Jersey or you are looking to check out the new light shows from this holiday season, our professional transportation team is here to make your dreams come to life. From the Christmas Fantasy with Lights display at Storybook Land to the Holidig Drive-Thru Light Show, you can visit many amazing spots that will leave you in awe. In addition, the tour service we offer is completely customizable to your wishes, and therefore, you can add as many stops as you wish.

Aside from the parks, farms, and businesses that set up the classic light shows we see each year, another great part of the Holiday Lights Tours service is that you can also enjoy the displays at private houses. People love to show their love for the season through elaborate light fixtures, sometimes even synced with music for a show-stopping effect. Some of the most well-known houses are Fleetwood Lights, Morris Holiday Lights, and Hagerty Family Christmas Lights. However, new houses join every year, and discovering them makes the holiday season even more exciting. The good news about our premium service is that you can choose exactly which spots interest you the most and create a personalized itinerary for your personal tour.

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A Reliable Transportation Team with Years of Experience

Here at Royal Coachman, we are closely acquainted with our service area. If you book our New Jersey Holiday Lights Tours service, you can rest assured knowing that our professional chauffeurs will arrive at each stop with ease. All of our professional chauffeurs can quickly adapt to traffic obstacles and bad weather conditions, thanks to their considerable experience in the field and the state-of-the-art navigation systems they are equipped with. Our team takes every precaution needed to ensure our clients experience a comfortable journey without the stress of getting lost or missing a stop on their detailed itinerary. For a holiday lights tour, our professional chauffeurs examine the reservation beforehand in order to become familiar with all the stops and provide a seamless car ride with timely arrivals at each point of interest.

If you are wondering what your vehicle options are, then you should be pleased to know we provide a wide selection of models for you to pick from. Our modern fleet comprises of highly luxurious, comfortable, and elegant vehicles that come with varying seating options. The 3-passenger sedan is a perfect choice for private tours, while the spacious motorcoach can fit up to 55 passengers. From a romantic journey under the dance of a thousand lights to a trip with friends that feels like a party on the road, your Holiday Lights Tour can be whatever you want. Contact us now at 1-800 472 7433 and book a luxury vehicle for an unforgettable night!

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