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Latest news & tips from the ground transportation industry

airport clothing for business

7 Ground Transportation Tips for Business Travelers

Getting around a brand-new city while visiting on business is always a bit of a challenge, but things become a lot simpler and much more straightforward when you take advantage of a chauffeured ground transportation service like ours. Our NJ limo service includes well-appointed luxury vehicles to present the...

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New venues for Meetings and Events in New Jersey

Are you planning an event in New Jersey? The beautiful state lies along the Atlantic coast bordering New York City on the East and North. The state boasts of rich cultural background hosting native English speakers for over 2800 years. The high economic growth has contributed to the emergence...

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business meetings

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged in Business Meetings

Every business owner or office manager is irritated by the sight of a large group of uninterested and sleepy employees after an extensive period of planning a business seminar or a training meeting. These meetings require a lot of work to take place smoothly and their purpose is surely...

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13 Dining Etiquette Tips for Your Next Business Meal

One should preserve a sharp imagine no matter the circumstances, whether he goes to have a bite with colleagues or wants to make a good impression on a client at an official dinner. But doing business while dining can be difficult at times. We have prepared a set of...

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executive hotels

The Best Executive Hotels

When conducting business in New Jersey, you need three things. First, you need to hire a top-rated NJ limousine company for ground transportation. Second, you need appropriate meeting space for conducting business. Third, you want to book a hotel that that caters specifically to corporate travelers. These three things...

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Up and Coming Restaurants in New Jersey

After taking a NJ limo to your designated hotel, you can then choose any one of the up and coming restaurants for entertaining current and/or potential clients. Of course, these restaurants are also excellent choices when going out to dinner with a close friend, or for a romantic dinner....

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limo service NJ

Fleet Spotlight: The Luxury Motorcoach for Group Transportation

  For most people, the term “limousine company” automatically stirs up images of stretch limousines. Although many limo companies still use these vehicles, most fleets have been upgraded to accommodate discerning clients. As a result, most companies have fleets including executive sedans, SUVs, mini-buses, and luxury motorcoaches, among others....

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limo service NJ

Meeting Tips for Out of the Box Meetings!

It’s no secret that plenty of business is achieved outside the board room. However, choosing the right venue can be just as difficult as signing the deal. USA Today has compiled a list of the top-ten stadiums based on experience and fan vote. When it’s time to step up the...

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limo service NJ, NJ limo, NJ limousine service

4 Inventive Travel-Related Ways Your Company Can Give Back to the Community

Giving back to the community doesn’t just make your employees feel good — it also improves your relationship to your local market and gets the word out about your company or brand. But it can be hard to decide exactly how you want to give back. Giving both time...

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limo service nj, nj limo

Tips for Having a Successful Corporate Roadshow

Are you launching a road show for your business? The corporate road show is one of the best ways to market your company and new products, but it also includes a lot of moving parts and needs to be handled carefully. Analyze Your Contacts and Product Interest Don’t just...

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