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10 Gadgets to Make Business Travel Easier

If you use the right gadgets, literally every aspect of business travel becomes easier. From booking a flight to scheduling a NJ limo service to checking into the hotel, the right gadget completely changes the travel experience. In addition to gadgets already on the market, here is an entirely new line of up-and-coming gadgets, to be introduced in 2016.


Outstanding Gadgets


  1. August Smart Lock—In addition to a state-of-the-art locking mechanism, this mobile app allows you to grant or revoke access to your home from the back of a limousine in New Jersey, or while sitting in your hotel room.


  1. Translators—When traveling to a foreign country, you need a reliable translator. A top choice is Google Translate, which, after downloading to your smartphone, helps you communicate effectively with foreign speakers.


  1. Power Adapter—Although airports have power outlets, finding one not in use is challenging. Instead, you can bring a portable power outlet adapter with you, to ensurethat your mobile devices are always fully charged.


  1. Wallet Titan—Roughly the size of a standard credit card, this gadget can power your iPhone. This adaptable power card works with USB devices and, being compact, is ideal for business travel.


  1. Wacaco Minipresso—If you cannot stomach hotel coffee, you can travel with your own miniature espresso machine. Included is a built-in cup for added convenience.


  1. Luggage Monitor—When you use a luggage monitor like Trakdot Luggage Tracker, you receive an alert via your mobile phone as to the location of anymisplaced or stolen luggage.


  1. GoPro Hero4—If you want to capturesuperior photos while traveling, the GoPro Hero4 is hard to beat. This gadget boasts Bluetooth connectivity and built-in WiFi for quick and easy access to the GoPro app.


  1. Plantronics Backbeat Fit—If you like headphones for listening to webcasts, seminars, or music, or simply to drown out background noise, you will appreciate the superior quality of this waterproof and rugged product.


  1. Apple Watch Sports—Using this watch, you have the ability to look at itineraries. However, this watch is also a remote control for taking pictures using your iPhone, plus you can track calories burned, check the time in other places around the world, and more.


  1. Zagg Pocket—Instead of traveling with a laptop, this portable keyboard connects to your smartphone for sending emails, making dinner reservations, booking a NJ car service, and more.


Using the Right NJ Car Service


In addition to buying the right gadgets to make business travel easier, you want to hire the right New Jersey limousine service to ensure that you are picked up at the airport and taken to various destinations on time and in a safe manner. One of the best options is Royal Coachman.

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