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4 Ways to Get A Yes Every Time

Posted on: April 14th, 2014 by royalcoachmanww No Comments

Yes VoteFor those who travel for business, convincing people of your views and products in a negotiation is instrumental in achieving your goals. You will need to be able to negotiate and convince. This week’s post gives you a few tips to ensure you come out on top every time.

Keep things human

It’s too easy to forget that negotiation is a human transaction. If we are in the middle of a hard negotiation it becomes even harder. For this reason it’s important to consider individual needs, biases and desires. This means that you should strive to see matters from the other side and always seek a win-win deal.

Never enter a negotiation if you’re not willing to walk away

It will be obvious if you’re desperate; it won’t be a negotiation, it will be daylight robbery. On the other hand if there is no benefit from your perspective then you need to ensure that only the smallest amount of time will be wasted. In this case, don’t be rude, instead be firm and say your goodbyes. The other aspect to consider is that walking away can get you exactly what you want in a negotiation.

Understand the difference between needs and desires

Before you start establish in a 100% objective way what is non-negotiable and what is. This simple exercise will make your job so much easier. If you are unsure what’s what, ask yourself the question: ‘what would I really fight for’? If you are not willing to stake something on an issue, odds are it’s negotiable.

See people as partners

Similar to the human aspect we started with, seeing all parties as potential partners will lead to a more successful outcome. You’ll be looking for longer term benefit and not a short-term exploitation. You’ll increase your odds of getting the deal.

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