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5 Awesome Beach Activities for Families in New Jersey

One of the most exciting things you can do in New Jersey involves hitting the beach. There are many beaches in the city to pick from. Furthermore, the boardwalk is always there to keep things interesting. That being said, there are some beach activities that are ideal for a family.

Outlined below are five awesome beach activities for families in New Jersey you can enjoy even at the beginning of fall. Let’s jump right in:


Check Out the Amusement Park by the Beach

One of the most popular destinations for family and kids in New Jersey is the Jenkinson’s, Amusement Park. Boardwalks have been a hot destination for New Jersey beach lovers for decades. This is because of the variety of activities offered that are family-friendly, and also cost very little.

This Point Pleasant Amusement Park is no different. Offering the thrills of arcade games and roller coasters, Jenkinson’s Amusement Park offers a healthy dose of fun time with the family at an incredibly low cost. You could save more money if you’re good with couponing.


Enjoy a Pirate Adventure

One of the most exciting activities to enjoy with your kids in New Jersey is the adventure of being a pirate on the high seas. This is exactly what Jersey Shore offers. There is just one question to ask, what is Jersey Shore?

It’s a company that offers the full pirate experience to families in New Jersey. That’s right; we are talking about the whole package, including a boat, pirate nicknames, face painting, etc. This is probably one of the most exciting activities for families in New Jersey.


Don’t Forget Liberty State Park

There are three major reasons families in New Jersey love visiting the Liberty State Park. Outlined below are the reasons:

  • An incredible view of Manhattan
  • A playground for toddlers
  • Easy access to the Statue of Liberty

This destination is ideal for families that want to add a little lesson in history to their outing. There are loads of amazing views worth capturing. Just remember to pack your camera.


Visit a Natural Park

There are many natural parks along the New Jersey Shore area. However, the park you choose will dictate what activities you’ll be able to participate in. This ranges from a leisurely stroll on a beach, to going camping for a whole weekend.

Bask in the beautiful sights and sounds of nature. However, you must not forget to pack the right supply when choosing the great outdoors. Packing the right things could make all the difference in the park.


Check Out Cape May

There are loads of attractions to enjoy at Cape May. Some of these include a beautiful beach and comfortable in. In addition to these, there are other activities in Cape May that are ideal for a fun time with the family.

Consider checking out the County Zoo, or visiting the Cape May lighthouse. There is also the Wildwood Aviation Museum to learn a little about Cape May.


Wrapping Up

A fun family time in New Jersey cannot be complete without booking the right car rental service. You want a car that’s large enough to occupy your large family, yet luxurious enough to enjoy. Count on the best car service New Jersey has to offer.

Our NJ limo service ensures you don’t spend half of your time in New Jersey navigating the traffic. It enables you to maximize your time with your family in the city.

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