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5 Family Friendly Travel Apps You Should Know

Technology is touching different parts of our daily lives, including travels. This is even more important if you have kids. Your kids are probably tech-savvy and already know the right apps to load to make their travels interesting.

You should learn how to load your device the same way you would load your luggage. That’s not all; the app has to be based on your destination.

Without wasting any more time, here are 5 family travel apps you should use.


Sound Sleeper App

This app is useful for getting the kids and everyone else to sleep while on the road.

Usually, you may not need a sound sleeper app. But, when on the road with kids, this app can be an absolute lifesaver. So, rather than trying to pack a separate sound sleeper machine, simply download it into your smart device and let it run while you sleep.

There are dozens of sound options to pick from. Just remember, you have to charge your device while using it.


Mamava App

The app was developed primarily for nursing moms on the go. What is the Mamava app for, you ask? It helps moms and families find a quiet and secure spot for breastfeeding and pumping. Here is the thing, it can be difficult to find a suitable place, even in places that support such resources, such as airport and shopping malls.

This app will come in handy in a new city. Mamava app allows you to find the closest lactating suite in a new city. Furthermore, you can rate a location, making it easier for other moms to find it.


Owlet SmartSock 2 and App

This app lets you monitor your little ones from across the room. The features include tracking the heart of your infant, and the oxygen level. However, it will cost you about $300 for the monitor, smart sock sensor, base station, and the app.

You don’t have to worry about your home and the kids while on a business trip. Simply log into the app to know what is up. Yes, this device is expensive, but the peace of mind it offers is worth it.


Apps form PeaPod Labs

There are more than 20 family apps from Pea Pod’s development team. These apps were created to reinforce and support all the basic things you want your toddlers to learn. This include, letters, numbers, and colors.

It’s a great way to distract your Pre-K and Kindergarten kids when moving across the country.



This is a great app for parents that want to learn a new language with their kids. It is a great resource that can help kids and adults learn new concepts, vocabulary, and contexts. This is quite useful when visiting a country that doesn’t speak your English.


Wrapping Up

These apps were designed to make travel easier for you, and so is our New Jersey car service. Consider booking our New Jersey airport shuttle for a smooth ride for you and your kids to and from the airport.

Wherever in the world your travels take you, Royal Coachman provides the finest chauffeured limousine services in New Jersey and worldwide. We are pleased to offer our very own mobile app, available for free for iPhone and Android devices, to create the most convenient of all customer experiences with Royal Coachman NJ limo service.

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