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5 Things you can Strike Off your Bucket List by Visiting New Jersey

New Jersey seems to have a very misleading reputation thanks to shows like Jersey Shore and the Real Housewives of New Jersey. But despite being perceived purely as a party destination and drama hub, the Garden State has many beautiful attractions.

Here is a list of a few adventurous things you can strike off your bucket list by touring New Jersey. To make sure you experience each of these adventures, choose our chauffeur service in New Jersey to cater for all your transportation and navigation needs as you get a taste of the state’s hidden treasures.

Atlantic City and the Boardwalk

Atlantic City is one of the most popular attractions in New Jersey for its numerous casinos, wide beaches, and of course, the famous boardwalk. This boardwalk is four miles long and what’s amazing is that it has survived exposure to the elements since its construction in 1870. You are literally walking on a piece of history when you are on this promenade; it’s both inspiring and humbling.

Live in the Victorian Era

In New Jersey, you can peer back in time at the Victorian Era. The historic Cape May District features beautiful seaside views of vintage Victorian architecture that you’ll nowhere else see. To sweeten the deal, you don’t simply get to observe, you can actually live in it. There are Victorian style bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and churches. For more historic sites in the Cape May District, head over to the World War II Lookout Tower or the Cape May lighthouse of 1858.

Visit a Battleship

The Battleship New Jersey, which serves as a museum and memorial, is the most decorated battleship in the country. The battleship primarily commemorates sailors who bravely served on it. Here you will also be able to see the BB62, which is a lower-class battleship built in 1942 after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Run with the Wolves

The Lakota Wolf Preserve gives you a close-up view of wolves in their natural habitat in what is known as the Wolf Watch Tours. Once you enter the preserve, you are in the presence of at least four packs of wolves. Scary, right? Don’t worry; they can’t get to you. You will learn about their packs structure, eating habits, interactions with people, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to hear them howling.

Battlefield State Park

This historic site is located in Princeton. This is a 200-acre expanse where the Battle of Princeton took place in 1777, marking George Washington’s victory over the British. You will also visit the Clarke House Museum that served as a hospital for injured soldiers from 1772 to the end of the war.

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