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5 Things You Should Never Forget When Flying

Posted on: February 28th, 2014 by royalcoachmanww No Comments

limo service NJ, limousine service NJ, limousine service, sedan service, flying tipsTrying to fly, whether for business or travel, with just a carry on can be a challenge. In the rush to ditch all that is unnecessary people often over look the smaller items that can make the difference between a miserable flight and a comfortable experience. This post lets you know the 5 real critical items that will make all the difference to your trip.

Charging devices

You’re going to need a way of charging all your devices and keeping them on the go while traveling. A possible solution is the Ankor Astro Mini, a small rechargeable battery, that can be charged up from a USB or main socket, and that will keep your electric devices running for many hours.

Reading material

It’s not just on the flight that you’ll need a bit of light distraction but on the way to, at and away from the airport. A book or magazine can be a good option, as many flights do not allow electronic devices like Kindles or iPads below 10, 000 feet.

Stop and Go aides

Depending how long your flight is, it may be wise to pack something to help you sleep and rest. Ear plugs, pillows, blackout goggles and so on can make all the difference on a longer flight and allow you to land feeling at least partially refreshed. Once you’re there, you may need a slight helping hand to hit the ground running. Energy drinks, in hold baggage of course, baby wipes and energy tablets will ensure that you are in the best possible state to start your vacation or business trip.


Depending on your opinion of airline food, you might want to take matters in to your own hands by purchasing something healthy before you board. It can make the difference between feeling hungry, disappointed or content and happy.

Credit Card

Many carriers will only take credit cards as payment for food, alcohol or Wi-Fi. So you don’t want to be caught out. More importantly, it will also mean that if anything un-foreseen should occur you’ll be able to sort it out.

There is one other aspect of air travel that we can be of assistance with: Outstanding ground transportation – with a fleet of more than 150 vehicles, highly trained staff and a company that is rated inside the top 50 limousine companies in the U.S., Royal Coachman has all the facilities required to deliver this. We’d love to be your ground transportation partner, either in our home areas of New York and New Jersey or through our affiliates, worldwide. Call our team to find out what immaculate service is like.





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