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5 Tips to Survive a Long Flight

All of us like to travel, but most people consider getting to the chosen destination as being extremely tiresome. The long hours spent in a metal tube with lots of strangers, the not so comfortable posture and fact that you get easily bored are amongst the disadvantages. But the more you travel, the easier you’ll get through these long flights with the help of some strategies that you’ll develop.

Our minds and bodies are not identical. Only through frequent plane rides, you’ll discover which methods suit you. Here are five tips for surviving long and boring flights.

Reserve a good seat

An apparently simple thing as choosing the right seat can turn your flying experience into either a good or a bad one. It is clear that you should avert the middle seat. The fact that you have to share the armrests with two people can be unpleasant and annoying, all the more when you’ll have to do it for 12 hours. Take into consideration the fact that maybe spending a little more on a better seat can ensure you a more enjoyable flight. If possible, avoid the seats situated near a restroom because of the heavy and noisy traffic.


Find a way to sleep

On long flights, it’s imperative to get some sleep or you’ll look and feel like a walking zombie for a couple of days. You have to begin by wearing cozy, not very tight and warm clothes because most airplane cabins are heavily air-conditioned.

Each of us has a method of sleeping on a flight. For example, you either don’t get any rest all night before the flight or you can take a sleeping pill or a cup of tea. Whatever you might choose, you should try it out before the flight, so you are familiar with the reactions of your body.

Other tried methods are using an eye mask, some earplugs, a travel pillow or a cozy blanket. These little things can make a huge difference.

In case you still can’t fall asleep, you should get out of your seat, stretch or walk back and forth a few times to get your blood running again. Or try to have a conversation with a flight attendant; one of the interesting stories that they have to share may distract you from your insomnia.

If you haven’t slept at all during your flight, try exercising regularly and going to sleep at a normal time when you reach your destination to better overcome jet lag.


Keep yourself busy

If you are not sleeping, the most important advice to follow is to keep yourself busy so that you won’t get bored. The flight companies’ entertainment selection isn’t so varied and can cost a lot. So, you should prepare ahead and make a stockpile on your gadgets of your favorite games, movies or TV shows or even try to get some work done.

A pair of good headphones is considered a wise investment, if possible noise-canceling ones, to prevent being disturbed by the noise of the plane or by the other passengers. You should also purchase the in-flight Wi-Fi; the money spent may be worth as long as you can surf the world wide web. Or, if you are a keen reader, consider buying an ebook reader. It’s small enough not to burden your luggage.


Stay hydrated

A thing many people don’t even realize is that flying dehydrates. Just consider that everyone is breathing in the same overused, recirculated air for 10-plus hours. Also, the airplane food is high in sodium, contributing to body dehydration. The solution is to prepare yourself healthy snacks (some fresh fruits or a salad). If you want to try the in-flight cuisine, we recommend avoiding the meats because they abound in additives and preservatives.

If you’re flying with a low-cost carrier, it’s possible not to benefit from free water. So buy a bottle of water before you board, just in case. If the water is complimentary on the flight, we advise you to order a cup every time the flight attendant walks by, even if you don’t feel the need to drink it. It’s also imperative not to drink alcohol because it will wear out your body even more.


Freshen up

You should also freshen up half-way through the flight or whenever you feel the need to resist until the end of the flight. To do that, remember to put the necessary toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash) within reach so you can easily access them during the flight.

It nothing else works, just remind yourself that all flights will eventually come to an end, so try to relax and restrain yourself from getting frustrated.

When you reach your destination, you should relax and not waste unnecessary time in the airport.

It’s important to have already acquired a chauffeured service so that you don’t have to drive yourself after a long and exhausting flight.

If you need NJ airport transportation service, airport shuttle, limousine service or other transportation to Newark airport or anywhere else on the globe, just call, book online or use our mobile app to make reservations with Royal Coachman to ride comfortably with the best chauffeurs in the industry. Every Royal Coachman driver is trained to know at any time the layout, logistical details and the surrounding traffic patterns of the airports and cities where we operate.

So just sit back and relax after your long flight with car service NJ by Royal Coachman.

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