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5 Tips to Having a Memorable Meeting or Event

With today’s can’t wait technological mindset, running a successful meeting or event has a lot more pressure than years past.  And with the plethora of gadgets and tools available at your disposal, knowing which ones are the best are the key to make your event or meeting effective and organized.

1.  Set the Tone By Selecting the Best Venue

Make a list of the people to invite and decide where to hold the meeting or event. Think about the tone of the event or meeting before you decide on the venue.  Some possibilities include conference rooms (at your company, hotels or event centers) or a restaurant.  Thinking outside the box is a great stimulant for great collaboration–untraditional meeting spaces and social function sites will be talked about for years to come.  Meeting planners seeking a departure from traditional meeting facilities have a wide variety of creative venues to choose from depending on your region.  For example, in New Jersey, there are many unique venues, from the Atlantic City glitz to the more relaxed golf courses (depending on how good you are at golf, naturally)  Do you want to have a reserved or laid back meeting?  Your venue can dictate that tone very easily.

2. Use the latest technology to send invites and keep track of the RSVPs.

If you don’t want to go the traditional route of email, there are other ways.  There are so many wonderful online services that are available to send and keep track of invites and RSVPs.  Evite is one of the most popular services.  Using this service, you can create custom invites and can keep a list of important contact information.  Or, you can send a nice graphic invitation by email, branded to your theme or venue.

3.  Rehearse the Flow of the Agenda.

It’s vital that you have a good flow from agenda items  in order to have a successful and effective meeting.  Rehearsing it several times prior to the meeting or event start is a great way to not only make sure that everything flows well, but to acclimate any of the agenda participants to their roles. It also is helpful to anticipate any timing issues that may come up.

4.  Prep the Equipment.

After rehearsing your agenda a few times, it’s always good to have a “dress rehearsal” at the actual venue, which should include any and all the technology you will be depending on during your meeting or event.

On the day of the meeting or event, arrive early and have everything set up.  If it’s a large room, consider the arrangement of chairs and/or tables.  If your event or meeting is a relatively small one, with breakout group, you should consider clusters of small groups around tables.  If it’s more concert-venue focused, you will want all eyes up front.  Make sure your laptop or projector is properly positioned and synched with the overhead screen.  Check the lighting to make sure they are focused properly, and that the microphones all have full powered batteries and/or all connecting cords are in place.

5.  Connecting the Dots With Reliable Transportation

To help attendees be on time, hire  a dependable transportation company, like Royal Coachman to pick everyone up and make sure everyone is on time.   We offer limousine services offering everything from sedans and mini-buses to stretch limousines and larger motor coach buses. Traffic in New Jersey can be hectic, but you and your attendees can arrive relaxed and ready for the important business meeting. Reserving a large motor coach can also serve as a way for attendees to network and mingle before the meeting or event even begins.

Since 1969, Royal Coachman has been a staple in the New Jersey limousine service.  The family owned and operated business has grown from a two car, three driver operation in 1969 into a top 50 U.S. limousine service and is one of the leading ground transportation companies in the world, providing its clients with airport transportation and limousine service in more than 600 destinations in every corner of the globe.  Please contact us for more information and to make a reservation.

Hopefully, if you follow these suggestions, your meeting will not only go off without a hitch, but will be one that your attendees will be talking about (in a good way) for a long time.


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