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5 Ways to Keep Executive Travel a Healthy Experience

Companies should be aware of how disastrous it can be to miss an important business meeting. One crucial conversation could make the difference between a roaring success or just maintaining status quo. That is why executives should do their best to avoid canceling business meetings as much as possible. Seeing as the company’s success may depend on the way negotiations are conducted, it is better to plan ahead and try to avoid getting sick or make sure that they get to their destination on time.

For handling the commute, consider chauffeured transportation. If you want to stay healthy during business travels, look over these tips from BCD Travel in Motion. You should also share them with your coworkers so that they’ll be in good shape throughout their trip:



Although employees are not aware, many insurance plans include services like 24-hour telephone access to health advisors or nurses. Research your company’s insurance policy to find out if executives benefit from them. If they do, travelers will have at their disposal an invaluable resource in case they become ill or encounter some other health related problem.



When selecting your traveler’s hotel accommodations, it is recommended to choose a hotel with a fitness center. But just in case the executive must stay in a hotel without one, you should consider negotiating special discounts with nearby gyms. This way, travelers have the opportunity to relax and stay in shape by doing strength training workout or cardio during the trip, making the whole experience more enjoyable.



While being on the road, executives can use the help of several online tools to stay healthy. For instance, the MapMyWalk website is perfect for runners as it highlights nearby running routes that have been outlined by locals and graded according to the encountered ascents. For healthy meals, travelers can use the Healthy Dining finder website; by showing a list of dieticians approved restaurants,  the site will help them make better decisions about their diets. For easier access, executives can use the apps that accompany both sites.



When having to deal with high-stress situations, falling asleep can be problematic, and even more so when having to sleep in an unfamiliar place. That is why travelers should always have with them items that help them fall asleep faster, such as noise-cancelling headphones, sleep masks and white noise apps.




If connecting with local fitness centers is not an option or a trip to the gym is out of the question because the traveler’s schedule doesn’t allow it, executives can use their hotel rooms for exercises such as push-ups, squats or lunges. If your company provides a health specialist, you should consult with him or her regarding the safety of these exercises. Otherwise, you should make sure that travelers are aware of their limits and that they feel comfortable doing the exercise — what’s the use of staying fit during business travel if it will only lead to strained muscles.


Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health has conducted a showing that being on the road for half a month or more makes people more prone to higher body mass indices and obesity than those who don’t travel as much. However, by following the tips mentioned above, your executive travelers will be in top shape. And remember that even if you can’t always keep sickness at bay, there are many ways to ensure your executives’ health, happiness and resilience.


Health and peace of mind are the most important things during an executive’s travel and these are precisely the things we offer.

Royal Coachman cares about the quality of the service provided to their passengers and their companies and that is why all their limousine services are exceptional.



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