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5 Ways to Increase Your Chances of Staying Healthy While Traveling

Airports can be filthy places; they’re a breeding ground for all manner of germs, as vast numbers of people originating from many different places are crammed together in one location. It’s therefore, not surprising to discover that we’re much more likely to catch a minor ailment while traveling than at home. However, the good news is that with some simple precautions we can reduce the risk of falling ill while traveling. This week’s post brings you 5 simple tips from veteran travelers to do just that.

1.              Anti-bacteria

The logic for sanitizing every surface before you touch it, is that you can’t fall ill if you don’t come into contact with bacteria. So carry anti-bacterial wipes and use them on foreign surfaces or your own hands before eating.

  1.               Hydration

Staying hydrated is an important part of keeping the body and mind healthy. While traveling, due to the air-conditioned environment in both the airport and aircraft, you’ll get dehydrated more easily. In this condition it’s more likely that you’ll be unable to cope with the strains of travel. The simple solution is to keep hydrated.

3.              Healthy eating

While the temptation to grab a quick and un-healthy snack may be higher while on the road, the consequences are more serious. Aside from longer term health issues, it’s harder to get in an extra workout when on the road, so fast foods will load you up with too many calories. They’re also packed full of saturated salts that will make it even harder to stay hydrated.

4.              Make your own space

You catch germs from other people. Therefore, if you make a conscious effort to keep clear of other people, where possible, you can reduce the odds of picking something up.

  1.               Try and avoid dirty places

You can’t disinfect everything but you can avoid touching dirty things. Ways of doing this include using your elbow to turn a tap on or to push a door open, or using a part of the door handle that is used less frequently. You just need to think where other people may have touched and avoid it.


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