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6 Things to Make Your Business Trips a Breeze

Business travel can pose a challenge to even the most organized, best-financed and most resourced executive

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be unbearable. This post gives you 6 tips that can help to minimize your frustration, increase your efficiency and, we hope, make your trips more successful.

Remember that you’re not on holiday

Travel can be fun; you see novel things and meet fun new people. It can also kill your routine, create stress and pile unnecessary distractions upon you – which will take their toll.  We suggest you treat a business trip as business. This may sound obvious and superficial but it will help.

If you can stay on one time zone, keep your gym or yoga routine up and eat regularly, you will find the trip is less of an ordeal and more ‘business-like’.

Double up

If you have a business wardrobe, doubling up can make your life much simpler. You can have a home and an away‘ set; the beauty of this approach is that you can always stay packed. By doubling up you do not have to disturb your home life when you travel and since these clothes are just for business trips, they may be tax deductible (check with your accountant first before claiming).

Doubling up on things like phone chargers and razors have exactly the same effect as doubling up on clothes. You can stay packed and minimize the disruption to your personal life.

Stay social

Human beings are social creatures. In extreme situations, like POW camps or plane crashes, it is human contact that makes the unbearable, bearable. While we hope your next corporate event will not be as grueling as a gulag, meeting friends or keeping social will certainly lift your mood.

To do this you can check the attendance list at conferences for friends, or perhaps arrange ‘down time’ in your evenings with a friend in the city you’re traveling to. Even taking time out of your schedule to call a good friend will have a lightening effect on your mood.

Select the best accommodations

Unfortunately, by “best”, we don’t mean “fun”. You will definitely be better prepared if your accommodation choice is based upon stability and comfort rather than fun.

If you pick a hotel chain and stay with it, you will limit surprises. Surprises are not something that should be high on your list of desirable aspects of a business trip.

 Don’t take the Red Eye

The Red Eye can, at first glance look great.  You may save your employer money, have a better chance for an upgrade and may even seem as though you will have vital prep-time at your destination.

There is a reason for all of that: taking the red eye means you’re trading a days’ work for a night of sleep. This is yet another compromise in that work- life balance that eats into you effectiveness at your target destination.

Don’t Skimp on Ground Transportation

When you arrive at the other end and have not organized every aspect of your arrangements at your destination you are setting yourself up to fail. The best way to get your trip off to the right start is to engage the services of a limousine or chauffeured ground transportation company. You will be picked up at the gate and swept efficiently and safely to your destination by a friendly and highly trained chauffeur.  Royal Coachman offers exceptional ground transportation services, including Newark airport ground transportation, in the New Jersey, New York metropolitan area and worldwide.


About Royal Coachman

Royal Coachman is a limousine service that is ranked within the top 50 in the U.S. Operating in the New Jersey, New York Metro area and worldwide, we offer solutions for all your corporate and group needs. Whether it’s NJ shuttle service or an affordable limousine in NJ, call us today at 800-472-7433.


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