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7 Hacks for Business Travels

Posted on: October 10th, 2017 by royalcoachmanww No Comments
business travel

At Royal Coachman, we are in the business travel industry. We provide luxury NJ Car Services to a wide-range of business people, both from New Jersey and for those visiting the city. That means we talk about business travel. A lot.

Along the way, we get to talk to some really interesting people and learn their secrets to successful business travel. In this list, we’re going to tell you some clever hacks that will help you play the system in your favor.


Book Two One-Way Flights

This is a classic trick used by travelers worldwide to get cheaper flights. Airlines put a premium on return flights, so you can often save money by booking your flights separately.

Anyone who has used Skyscanner before will know that you can often fly cheaper midweek and at unsociable times.


Get the Best Seats

The Boeing 767 has a reputation as one of the best planes because it hasn’t got as many middle seats. No one wants the middle seats.

It’s always worth checking the seating plan on your flight. Sometimes you can book the emergency seat which, if you’re a confident flyer, is the best seat on the plane. Think of all that legroom.

You can even think tactically about where the in-flight meal will come from. If you get served first, you can go to sleep first.


If You Don’t Ask, You Don’t Get

Always ask for an upgrade. If you’re traveling in the economy class and you ask for an upgrade, your ticket will be marked and if an upgrade is available, you’ll get it. This works for almost everything in business travel, especially if you’re a frequent and valued customer.


Download Your Airline’s App

If you’re tech-savvy and you use your phone and tablet for everything, you should download your airline’s app. You can have all your flight details at your fingertips as well as the first refusal on any special offers.


Choose the Right Credit Card

It doesn’t matter that the business is paying for your travel, it’s you who will reap the rewards. By carefully choosing the right credit card, you will get loads of points which will eventually lead to free flights, free hotel stays, airport lounge passes, you name it.

Ask your provider what they can provide regarding your business travel perks and if you’re not happy, try another one.


Use Airport Lounges

This is a little-known fact, but most airlines executive lounges sell day passes. If you’re not a frequent flyer and don’t have access to an executive lounge, just walk in and ask for a pass.


Take Credit for Your Colleagues Travel

If your colleagues aren’t as savvy as you are and you organize their travel, you can take credit for their travel. Book rooms in your name and the points will be added to your membership. Of course, there’s a fine line with this. Don’t go stealing everyone’s points.

If you want to make your business travel more convenient, book onto our New Jersey Chauffeur Service.


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