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We Have An Empire State of Mind for the Playoffs!

The end of the regular season for the NBA is fast approaching and if the New York Knicks maintain their current position, they’ll make the playoffs. The Knicks currently reside in the last remaining spot in the Eastern Conference for the playoffs and barring any unforeseen event, they’ll face the top seeded Chicago Bulls in the first round. If the Knicks do make it to the playoffs, you can see them in style by using limo service from Royal Coachman to Madison Square Garden.

It is safe to say that it’s been a disappointing season for the Knicks, what with all the talent the team has. With three starting players earning nearly a combined $50 million, your expectations are much higher than finishing at just .500. Granted the team has had its share of extended injuries to key players like Carmelo Anthony, Baron Davis, new mega-marketing whiz kid Jeremy Lin, and perhaps their most important player, Amare Stoudemire still on the injured list with a bulging disk. While the 6’10” Stoudemire is expected to return, it isn’t yet clear if Jeremy Lin will return after having surgery for a torn meniscus earlier this month.

One of the few positives in looking back at this season, has been the emergence of young point guard Jeremy Lin, who practically became an overnight worldwide sensation. Being one of the few Asian players to ever play professional basketball in the NBA, Lin’s incredible popularity coined a new word – Linsanity and fans across the country caught on to a hyper-speed bevy of activity via social media.

When the season ends and playoff matches are announced, New Yorkers are quietly hoping for an upset, that is, of course, if they make it to the first round. As it is usually understood in sports, once the playoffs begin, anything can occur. If the Knicks play the Bulls, Chicago fans can rely on Royal Coachman’s limo service from Newark International Airport to anywhere in the New Jersey/New York City area. For Knicks fans, why not rent a limo to the home games at The Garden?


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