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Business Body Language Tips

Whether you’re meeting with your boss, interviewing for a new job, or pitching a new client, body language is incredibly important. Improving your business body language alone could be the key factor between success and failure. In fact, experts believe that the effectiveness of our communication is determined 55% by our body language. What we say and how we say accounts for less than half!

The easiest way to improve your business body language is by simply staying self-aware. All you need to do is stay calm and collected, watching out for these six common body language mistakes:


Fidgeting Around

If you’re constantly shaking your knee, playing with your hair, or otherwise playing with your hands, it’s a sign of weakness. The best way to keep control of the room you’re in is sitting in a comfortable, confident position.


Having a Poor Handshake

Your handshake will be one of the very first impressions you get to make on somebody. Maintain a firm grip, but make sure not to crush them. Nobody likes a sweaty handshake, so make sure to dry your palms off before entering the room.


Not Looking Genuine

You don’t want to accidentally give away the impression that you’re fabricating the truth, even if you aren’t. Try to avoid these tell-tale signs of dishonesty:

  • Touching your hands or face.
  • Crossing your arm.
  • Leaning away from the person you’re speaking with.
  • Glancing down or away from the speaker.

Instead, make sure to sit up straight, with your hands firmly by your side or in your lap. Make sure to maintain eye contact during points of the conversation.



Whether you’re standing up or sitting down, posture is a huge non-verbal signal. If you want to look and feel confident, you need to stand (or sit up) tall, with your shoulders aligned and your neck straight-up. Not only will you look more confident, but science shows that you’ll actually feel more confident, too!


Not Smiling Enough

If you’re frowning or stone-faced the whole time, you might come off as cold or disinterested. To lighten the mood and leave a positive impression, make sure to smile throughout the conversation. It’s important not to smile too broadly or too often, however, as you might be perceived as disingenuous.


Being Easily Distracted

One of the worst things you can do is show that your conversation isn’t important. If you’re constantly checking your phone or glancing at the clock, it shows that the person you’re speaking with isn’t as important as they should be. Even placing the phone between yourself and the speaker could be misconstrued. Your best bet is to turn your phone off and give the other person your undivided attention.


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