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Business Meeting Tips 101

Good or evil, you just can’t get away from business meetings. There is  no escape. There are lot of complicated things to take into account to ensure you are successful but today we will concentrate on the basics of business etiquette.

The basics

Make sure that you RSVP in a timely and appropriate manner, it’s amazing how often this is not done correctly. It is also surprising how many people turn up late – make sure you have a solid transportation plan.

Before you attend

You’re going to need to bring certain items. You will definitely need a pen and paper and business cards. More importantly, you need to prepare mentally. You’ve got to think about what you and your team wants out of the meeting and what the likely questions are going to be.

The conduct

Another basic but infuriating mistake people make is allowing their phone to ring in the middle of a meeting – this is unprofessional; set it to silent. Just as poor manners are side conversations and discussions, this will distract everyone. What you should do is listen, take notes if necessary and only if absolutely necessary ask questions.

The business

You should speak only when you have the floor and avoid interrupting others. To do this simply raise your hand, wait ‘till you’re recognized by the chair and then you’re clear to make your point. It goes without saying, that this should always reinforce your agenda but try to be aware what the others are pushing as this will be useful to know later.


Once the meeting ends you can leave and not before; it is very bad etiquette to leave halfway. You should ensure you have the action points for you and anyone you’re representing and that you know who the relevant lead for each point is.

We can be of more direct assistance with meetings: getting you there on time and in style. With a fleet of more than 150 vehicles, highly trained staff and a company that is rated inside the top 50 limousine companies in the U.S., Royal Coachman have all the facilities required to deliver this. We’d love to be your ground transportation partner, either in our home areas of New York and New Jersey or through our affiliates, worldwide. Call our team to find out what immaculate service is like.

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