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Business Travel: How to Pack for a Stress-Free Business Trip

Packing for a business trip is usually stressful. After all, there are many personal and business items to take, even for short trips. To avoid wrinkled clothes, overlooked items, crumpled documents, and other issues, learn how to pack like a pro for your business travel.

Easy Packing Guidelines

  • Choosing the Right Bag – The right bag is essential to reduce stress. Whenever possible, choose a carry-on that is small enough to fit in the overhead, large enough to accommodate all your belongings, and has a solid lock for added protection. Make sure it also meets the criteria for the airline that you are flying. 
  • Double-Duty Clothing – Choose clothing items that can serve multiple purposes. For instance, you can pack a pair of black slacks that you can dress up for a business meeting and by changing your blouse or shirt are perfect for an informal dinner with clients. In other words, think of staple clothing items changed with jackets, different tops, or accessories. That way, you pack less. 
  • Wrinkle Free – To avoid ironing or sending clothes out for ironing once at the hotel, pack attire that is wrinkle free. Most often, these items come out of the suitcase beautifully or just need to be hung on a hanger for a few hours prior to wearing. 
  • Limit Footwear – A mistake that business travelers make involves packing too many shoes. In reality, you should have no problem getting by with just three pairs. Choose one dress pair, one casual pair, and a pair of tennis shoes for walking or jogging. 
  • Gadget Overkill – While there are literally thousands of gadgets that make business travel easier, limit the amount you take to those that you truly need. 
  • Toiletries – Instead of packing full-size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, hair products, and other toiletries, purchase sample-size bottles, pour your favorite products into smaller sized bottles accepted by airport security, or take advantage of toiletries offered by the hotel. The same is true for a hair dryer. Because most hotels offer one in each guestroom, there is no need to take your own. 
  • Safety First – For every business trip, safety is always the most important consideration. Being safe makes you feel less stressed. You can use Radio Frequency Identification protection to prevent hackers from breaking into your Bluetooth smart tethering technology and data, choose a biometric lock on your passport, and install apps to help locate your laptop or phone in case of theft.

Limousine Transportation

You will also enjoy a less stressful business trip by using the right ground transportation. A cost-efficient, safe, and convenient option is hiring chauffeur services from a reputable limo company.

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