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Business Travel Tips: Relaxation Techniques for the Busy Executive

Posted on: August 19th, 2015 by royalcoachmanww No Comments


NJ limo serviceStress is something that company executives deal with often with business travel. If you work in an executive position and face stress, there are viable ways to beat it. By using the right relaxation techniques, not only will you feel better physically and mentally, but you will find it much easier to focus.

As part of being a business owner, there is tremendous pressure from an economic standpoint. However, you also have to deal with tough competition, long work hours and weeks, tight deadlines, reduced budgets, potential layoffs, and the list goes on. Over time, these things begin to take a toll.

Unfortunately, your stress easily rubs off, so before long, employees start to worry about job stability, which in turn has a direct impact on production and quality of work.

Relaxation Techniques Proven to Work

If you feel completely frazzled because of intense demands and brutal schedules, consider some these relaxation techniques for busy executives.

  • Identify Your Stress Response – By recognizing the way your body responds to stress, you have the opportunity to make changes. Pay attention to things like overheating, fast heart rate, headache, jaw clenching, and stomach cramps, among other things. That way, the minute a response develops, you can react in a positive way. It is just as important to identify specific things that cause you to stress. 
  • Get Adequate Exercise – Multiple studies show that exercise is a great stress reliever. Not only is regular exercise a great way to stay healthy, it offers psychological benefits. With exercise, you feel more in control, have greater self-esteem, and have the ability to regulate emotions better. If you face a stressful situation, exercise is an excellent distraction that helps the body and mind relax.
  • Take Stress Breaks – According to reports, over 90% of business leaders find that taking short breaks helps manage stress. Simply remove yourself from the stressful situation for about 30 minutes. Even on a temporary basis, walking, mild exercise, and deep breathing techniques help dramatically.
  • Streamline Work Tasks – With good planning and prioritization, you become more effective in your job and less stressed. Some of the ways you can streamline tasks include managing project schedules, defining roles, completing work ahead of schedule, and clarifying expectations.
  • Ground Transportation – Changing the way you get around is an excellent way to reduce stress. As a busy executive, you spend a lot of time on the road going back and forth between important meetings, not to mention trips to the airport. By leaving the driving to a chauffeur from Royal Coachman, you save precious time for working or unwinding.
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