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Should You Combine a Business Trip with Leisure

Ever had a day’s holiday at the end of a business trip? That’s called a bleisure trip. Apparently.

While we’re not that fond of the term bleisure, we’ve got no problem with the idea of it. Why not factor in some ‘me’ time on a business trip, or even bring someone with you and make the most of traveling?

Being in the New Jersey airport shuttle and limo business means that we get to talk to a lot of business people and it seems that people are starting to cotton on to the whole bleisure thing.

In 2016, CTM Solutions Group released a study that showed that young travelers (20-25) are the most likely to take bleisure trips, with women taking more than men. Maybe it’s time you joined the revolution.

Here’s a couple of the advantages of adding some downtime into your busy traveling schedule:


Take Some Time for Yourself

 Downtime is important for productivity. You can’t work all the time.

Ferris Jabr, author of ‘Why Your Brain Needs More Downtime’, said, “Downtime is an opportunity for the brain to make sense of what it has recently learned, to surface fundamental unresolved tensions in our lives and to swivel its powers of reflection away from the external world toward itself.”

Basically, it’s good for you. So, give yourself a break and book an extra few days on the end of a business trip.


The Flights Are Already Paid For

 Seems like a no-brainer right? Your company has already paid to get you there. If you’ve flown long-haul, look at local airlines for cheap flights around the area. You can travel around Asia on local flights for next to nothing.


Get to Know the Places You Are Doing Business In

Learn about the culture and people you’re working with. You can impress everyone at your next meeting and bridge any cultural gaps.

Example: if you clear your plate in a restaurant in China, that means you want more. So, they’ll just keep bringing out food, and you’ll have to keep eating it.


Do Your Research and Plan

In an article for The Telegraph, Carolyn Pearson, founder of Maiden Voyage, said, “It’s important to research the area you are going to,” she says. “Business districts in some cities can be really quiet over weekends, and everything can be shut.”

“I book spa treatments in advance as well,” she says. “I also like to schedule a shopping trip at my destination – it’s great to find unusual things that I can’t buy anywhere else, and shopping is an activity best enjoyed on my own.”

The last thing you want is to waste your leisure time stuck in a city with nothing to do, or in a departures lounge because you missed your flight.

Take some time on your next business trip and make it a bleisure trip. Ask any of our drivers if you need any recommendations on what to do in New Jersey. Book your NJ airport shuttle or limousine now.

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