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Communicate Better, Even if You Don’t Like to Talk

Effective communication is critical to success in business. What’s more it seems to be effortless for many people. However, social science finds at least a third, and maybe half, the population is introverted. This says to us that many people have to really work at communication. This short post gives you a few ideas how.

Be yourself

That frustrating interview tip applies equally for all communication settings. Being yourself and working with your personality are fundamental to good communication. This means, recognizing your strengths and weaknesses and applying your effort accordingly. If, for example, you a little introverted but great with facts and figures you will always have something to contribute in any situation. It also means that you’ll never appear fake or overconfident, two surefire ways to undermine your communication style.

Get used to being outside your comfort zone

Nothing new is ever achieved if we all stay inside out comfort zone. You should seek opportunities to communicate with people you’d not normally talk to, who’ll challenge your views and opinions. This is good generally but specifically will help you to communicate your ideas better to any audiance.

Technology can help

The information age offers introverts a safe haven at the click of a button. You can use all sorts of modern media as a communications method, meaning that the spoken word and person-person interaction is minimized. Don’t however, totally rely on this; particularly for communicating decisions. Rather use it to enhance specific areas and to mitigate the weaknesses we discussed earlier.

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