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The do’s and don’ts of packing

Packing for a trip, whether it is a quick overnight visit or a month-long excursion, can be the most stressful and challenging part of traveling. If you are packing for a trip to New Jersey and are in need of a New Jersey limousine, give us a call. Our chauffeurs will be waiting for you at the airport, ready to take you safely and comfortably to your destination in one of our luxury vehicles. In the meantime, here are some do’s and don’ts to help you with this necessary but often unwelcomed task.



* Try to limit the things you pack to an absolute minimum. Last-minute items then have a spot to sneak into more easily.

* Check the weather. Take some time to see what the seasonal forecast looks like during your trip and pack accordingly.

* Select flexible, basic clothing. When choosing your clothing for a trip, pick things that can be mixed and matched easily as well as layered as needed. A simple accessory can easily dress up a simple blouse for women and a tie can make a comfortable shirt more formal for men. If the temperature fluctuates, adding or removing layers can be an easy way to adjust.

* Roll your clothing. By carefully rolling your tops, shirts, pants and skirts, you can minimize ironing at your destination and maximize space in your suitcase.

* Wash your clothes at your destination. Instead of packing everything you will wear each day of a medium to long trip, keep your clothing to the basics and plan on using a hotel’s laundry service or visit a laundry mat during your stay.



* Don’t pack too many pairs of shoes. Shoes are heavy and can take up a lot of room in a suitcase. Try to pick one or two pairs that can be the most adaptable options.

* Don’t wait until last minute. If you travel often, type up a travel list so you have a basic packing protocol each time. You can simply add trip-specific items for each excursion. You may want to keep the trip list in your pocket for a few days before so when those things that you need to bring pop into your mind, you can jot them down.

* Don’t forget to carefully check your airline’s baggage policy. With more budget offerings, airlines frequently sneak additional baggage fees into your bottom line price.

* Don’t ignore the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) 3-1-1 rule. Trying to carry on the wrong liquids or use inappropriate container sizes may result in you losing key overnight supplies at security. Review the rules carefully while packing.

* Don’t waste your personal item. Most airlines allow you to carry one personal item like a purse, laptop or backpack for free. Don’t waste the perk by taking something small. Instead, check the maximum size allowed and try to pack it efficiently.

Once you finish packing and flying to New Jersey, call us when you need an airport shuttle from NJ to your destination. We will be happy to help you get to where you are going quickly, efficiently and affordably.

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