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The Dos and Don’ts of Traveling with Your Boss

There is no denying that traveling with your boss can be a stressing experience. But instead of seeing this as a chance for you to make embarrassing social blunders, you should see it as an opportunity for you to prove your worth for the company. If you want the business trip with your boss to go smoothly, take a look before booking your flight at this list of dos and dont’s to better prepare yourself.

Do dress appropriately for the flight.

When traveling with your boss onboard an airplane, you can’t be wearing the same attire you would be wearing when traveling for pleasure. Keep in mind that this is a business trip and you have to dress professionally for all stages of travel, even the flight. Also, if the flight takes place at night and will have to sleep, you should ask your boss what dress code is appropriate.


Don’t stress about ground transportation.

The last thing you need when traveling with your boss is to further stress yourself by trying to find dependable ground transportation. Don’t leave it to chance and trust yourself in Royal Coachman’s reliable, best-in-class car service for all your ground transportation needs.

Whether you need airport transportation that takes you from the airport to the hotel, from the office to the airport, from your client’s office back to the airport, and from the airport back to the office, you should prepare in advance and arrange all the details before the trip even starts. Also remember that booking ground transportation for meeting and events to take you from the hotel to your client meetings and dinner is equally important.


Do show up first.

Acording to CNN Money, no matter if you are dealing with a hotel check-out, a business meeting or dinner with clients, it is strongly recommended that you show up first. Therefore, you should know the time and location of every step of your trip and arrive well before the upon agreed time.


Don’t overindulge.

When traveling for business you can always enjoy a glass of wine with dinner as long as you understand the difference between having a drink and overindulging. No matter how high your tolerance for alcohol is, it is recommended that you do not drink more than 2 glasses when you’re with your boss. As stated by the Huffington Post in one of their articles, the goal is to act appropriately and professionally, so, if no one else from the group is drinking, neither should you.

Although there is nothing inappropriate about a glass of wine with dinner, try not to push your limit.


Do take advantage of the time.

You should capitalize on this chance to spend more time with your boss than you normally would. By traveling together with your supervisor, you can show him what you’re capable of. Be sure to plan ahead all of the travel details and stay on top of everything throughout the whole trip. Your helpfulness and dedication will likely be remembered when you’re back at the office, which could come in handy when you’re waiting in line for a promotion.


Don’t get too comfortable.

Just because traveling with your boss can be a great opportunity, doesn’t mean you should forget who you are traveling with. According to the Huffington Post, although you might be tempted to let your guard down, it’s highly recommended not to share inappropriate personal details or personal problems. This kind of conversations should be shared with friends or family, not with your boss, no matter how good your relationship is. Make sure you take advantage of this time together to cultivate a professional relationship rather than a personal one.

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