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The Future of Business Travel

Technology is changing the way we travel. Well, to be clearer it’s changing the way we live entirely. With the development of the internet and smartphones, the world is completely different to how it was 20 years ago.

At Royal Coachman, technology has allowed us to improve our NJ Airport Transfer. Now we can track flights, give our drivers live traffic updates and keep in constant touch with our drivers to make sure we are on time every time.

Here are some examples of how technology is changing the way we travel


Wearable Technology

People laughed when they first heard about the Google Watch, but now it’s one of the most popular products on the market. With Google Now, you can breeze through the gates by downloading your boarding pass onto your wrist. In the next few years, this will only get more and more common with everything being done on your watch.



Airships have been around for over 100 years. So, it hardly sounds like a means of transport that is going to revolutionize business trips. But in England, the Airlander 10 has already taken its maiden flight. Filled with Helium instead of the old flammable gas, the Airlander 10 is much safer and a much more environmentally-friendly option than burning jet fuel.

The Airlander 10 will fly about 95 miles an hour so will take around 4 times longer than a normal flight, but will be more comfortable and a great option for overnight flights instead of booking a hotel.


Smart Suitcases

Have you ever thought that your suitcase wasn’t smart enough? No, of course, you haven’t. Well, you can buy smart suitcase now anyway. You can track your luggage onto the flight and keep an eye on it when you reach the other side.


Social Media

Social media has changed the world in many ways, and business travel is one of them. Airlines and travel companies now have their own personality and you can interact with them much more than before. There’s no hiding anymore from a bad review.


Space Travel

Okay, so this isn’t strictly business travel, but you can now pay to travel to space. Business tycoon Dennis Tito was the first space tourist and paid around $20,000 for the pleasure. Companies like Virgin and Blue Origin are working to make space travel more affordable. Who knows, eventually we might be traveling to the moon for a meeting.


Virtual Holidays

Want to check out your destination before you book? Soon, you’ll be able to take a virtual tour of your destination to see if you like it.


Trains Instead of Planes

In China, high-speed trains are taking over domestic flights. It’s a much greener and lower maintenance option than air travel. It could also start to become more available in mainland Europe.

If you want to make your business travel more efficient and comfortable, book onto our New Jersey Chauffeur Service.

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