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How to Get the Most Out of Your Fall Training Seminar

For a business to succeed, it is important that it includes training seminars. This is where employees and management come together to ensure the ongoing productivity of the company. These seminars are perfect for streamlining office procedures, introducing new sales protocols, or bringing your sales force up to date with the features of a new product line. Staging a training seminar is not complicated, but getting the desired result may be a little more difficult. Below we will share a few tips on how to get the most out of your next training seminar.



To have a successful training seminar, you must decide on the place where to gather management and employees for the day’s activities. This is critical for businesses with multiple locations, and/or companies that rely on a mobile sales force. Although it is significantly easier to send training teams during weekends to your business’ locations or call your sales personnel into the office, hiring a professional event space at a centralized location is vital for this kind of situations.

However, relying on your offices makes the training session lose focus because of the many interruptions caused by either sales personnel receiving calls from their clients or management being called away for other duties. You might think that holding separate seminars in each of your business’ locations could solve these problems, but the truth is that the instructors will lose their enthusiasm. As a result, new services, products and sales techniques will suffer from delay. That is why you have to gather your staff at a centrally located event space and focus on the day’s activities.



Organizing the content of the seminar may take a couple of months and setting a schedule will become a priority only after the training session has been prepared and finalized. At least one week before the seminar begins, announcements should be sent out so that the attendees know the location of the training seminar and be informed of the timetable of the day’s events.



If you want to get the most out of a training seminar, setting an agenda for the day’s activities is critical. Each of the day’s sessions should have an allotted time and a short period after each presentation for questions and answers. As a general rule, you should allot 75% of your time for the presentation and 25% for questions and brainstorming. For any unanswered questions, ask the attendees to send an email at the end of the day to a designated person who should reply with an answer within 48 hours of the seminar.



Visual aids are a proven teaching technique and should be integrated into all of your powerpoint presentations. That is why, when booking an event space for your seminar, you should ask if they can provide audio-visual equipment, or else it may be necessary to hire it from an outside vendor. The equipment should be tested a couple of hours before your seminar begins to check for problems that may appear during the presentations. This way you will have enough time to remedy a problem, make changes or send someone back to the office for anything that may be missing.



In a successful training seminar,  all of the attendees are encouraged to partake. For seminars comprised of large groups, microphones should be made available so the audience can submit questions easier. Also, additional informational and applications should me made available so that the attendees can download directly to their tablets or laptops. This will help attendees have access to the reference material and also make interaction with the speakers much easier.

Offering amenities and accommodation to the participants is equally important in encouraging participation. They will probably have a coffee, a snack and a bottle of water but you should also consider transportation. Imagine that you have five potential participants that commute every day for work. Do you expect them to do this commute for a training seminar that is not even mandatory? Statistically speaking, 2 out of 5 will do the commute out of fear for the management but the other 3 will most likely not.



If you want your participants to feel motivated, then you need a shuttle that will take them all from a given place to the training seminar location. And if you want someone who has everything for the job, Royal Coachman is what you need when planning transportation for a trade show, a convention or a training seminar.

Whether you need a convention shuttle service or an affordable limo shuttle, we make every necessary arrangement so that any and every ride connected with your shuttle makes the best impression possible. Our goal is to offer your guests the best limo shuttle service available.

We provide round-the-clock access to your account and ride information and offer 24/7 reservation assistance through Royal Coachman’s online reservations programming and our Android/IOS mobile apps.

Training seminars are fundamental to good business practices. Without them, it is almost impossible to ensure that every member of your staff and sales team are up to date with practices and protocols that will make your business an ongoing success. By following our tips, you will be able to get the utmost out of your next sales and training seminar.

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