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Get More Work Done on Business Trips with a Folding Keyboard

It’s hard to get work done when you’re on the road. You don’t have your desktop computer and may be trying to get by with a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet. However, the tiny screens of these devices make them a bit more difficult to use than a laptop or desktop. 

Trying to type a memo or an update to a contract is hard if your fingers can’t easily type on the virtual keyboard that appears on the touch-sensitive display of your device.

Fortunately for business people who are on the go, there are technology solutions for this type of problem. A case in point is Microsoft’s new Universal Foldable Keyboard.

Despite coming from Microsoft, you can use this lightweight keyboard with devices running Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2, Apple iOS 7-8.1 and Android 4.3-5.0 (hence the word “Universal” in the device’s name.

You can quickly pair the keyboard with your smartphone or tablet and it’s easy to switch between multiple devices with a swipe of your finger.

Business travelers sometimes work in less than optimal environments, such as the shaking interior of an aircraft going through turbulence. Not to worry, as the Universal Foldable Keyboard is water repellant in case you spill a drink.

Because it is foldable, you can easily place this keyboard in your pocket, purse or briefcase so it will be available to use at a moment’s notice. It’s only 5 mm thick. Need to spruce up an important presentation while on the go? You don’t have to worry about tapping and swiping on a small screen to update the words or add another chart, for example.

In essence, you have a full-sized QWERTY keyboard that will work with any of your portable devices, which is particularly important when you’re on the road and don’t have access to all of your usual equipment.

At Royal Coachman, we know that many of our customers traveling on business need to maximize every minute of their trip. They often are reading and writing on the trip to the airport, only stopping to get out and make their way to the terminal. We hope that a device like the Universal Foldable Keyboard from Microsoft will help you work more efficiently during your upcoming trips.

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