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Going to a Concert? Consider Splitting a Chauffeured Limo Service With Friends

If you’re going to one of the many exciting musical events this summer, you may want to consider using a chauffeured limo service rather than relying on personal or public transportation. Chauffeured services have many benefits that you may not expect.

1. Chauffeured Limos Are Reliable and Available 24 Hours a Day

You don’t want to wait an hour for a taxi to get to you following a large event. Many taxi companies become overwhelmed following concerts due to the volume of calls. Furthermore, you definitely don’t want to arrive late and miss the beginning of an event or have to stay in a long entrance line. With a chauffeured service you’ll arrive exactly when you want to.

2. Chauffeured Limos Will Come to Where You Are

After a long, fun event, the last thing you want to do is walk all the way to a public transportation stop. With a chauffeured service you can be picked up right away where you requested it.

3. Chauffeured Limos Have Affordable and Predictable Pricing

With a taxi service, you won’t know the rates that you need to pay until the meter stops. Ride share programs are even worse; they will usually use “burst” pricing to increase their rates when there’s high demand. Bypass all of this by getting quotes in advance from a chauffeured service.

4. Chauffeured Limos Avoid the Possibility of Traffic Stops

Even if you didn’t drink, getting stuck in a traffic stop can be frustrating–especially when you’ve already had a full day or night of fun. A chauffeured limo allows you and your friends to relax and unwind following your event without having to worry about what’s going on outside the car. It also means that you won’t need a designated driver!

5. Chauffeured Limos Don’t Have to be Parked

If you’ve gone to many large events, you know exactly how difficult it is to find parking. Parking also needs to be paid for, which is an additional expense. You can completely avoid worrying about these logistics with a pre-arranged limo service NJ transportation arrangement.

If you have an event coming up, consider getting a quote today. You may be surprised to find out how economical and convenient a NJ limo service truly is.  Call Royal Coachman at 973-400-3200 today or book online at

Here are links to upcoming concerts in the NY/NJ Metro Area:

Meadowlands >>

CBS has a great summary of the upcoming concerts here ??

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