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How to Choose A Travel Laptop That is Ideal for Business

The evolution of technology has led to the development in other areas as well. For example, the current workforce is extremely mobile and this is even increasing every day. In fact, according to an IDC analysis, the total work mobile workers in the world is expected to grow by 37.2 percent before the end of the year,

For this to happen, business executives on the move need to have access to the same technologies as the office-based counterparts. One of the most important tools of a business traveler is a computer that is powerful enough to allow you to get some work done while on the move.

There is just one question to ask, how can you choose a travel laptop that is ideal for business executives?

Outlined below are some features that are expected from a laptop that is ideal for business executives.



You don’t need to carry a large desktop computer around any time you want to travel, or even a big laptop. The first thing you must consider when shopping for a travel laptop is portability. Nowadays, your options are unlimited.

You can pick between the portable ones of 9 to 13 inches screen and weigh only 2,5 pounds or the 11 to 15 inches laptop that weighs between 2.9 to 6.4 pound. If you want a desktop replacement, there are bigger laptops out there that suit that purpose.



The durability of a travel laptop is just as important to a business executive as the portability, considering the fact that you’re always on the move. In fact, this is one of the strongest selling points for some laptops.

The more durable laptops come in hard cases and offer more protection than the plastic cases. However, a rubber case will serve you better than both metal and plastic. Some laptops are designed specifically to withstand movement. However, if you cannot afford a durable laptop, consider investing in a good laptop bag.



The storage offered on business laptops vary from 128GB to 2TB. It all depends on the type of files you are handling. For larger files such as high-resolution videos and images, consider the 2TB storage. But, a 128GB storage is enough for business documents.

Also, consider buying a solid-state drive (SSD), rather than the traditional HDD. It has no moving parts, is more durable and does not overheat. It is perfect for a business executive that is always on the move.


Battery Life

According to a study performed by digital trends, an average laptop has a battery life that is less than 6.35 hours. As a mobile worker, you’ll be spending a lot of time away from a power source. So, it is important to have a laptop that can serve the time.

The great thing is that many business laptops offer more than nine hours of battery life. You just have to know how to find them.



An ideal business laptop comes with fast processors with integrated graphics cards to help with browsing the internet and using the office programs. You’ll also be able to watch and edit photos and videos too.


On a Final Note

Finding the ideal laptop for a business executive that’s always on the road is just as important as finding the proper transportation solution. This is one thing our New Jersey car service can help you with. Not only will you have a ride comfortable enough to get some work done, you won’t have to worry about safety too.

Wherever in the world your business or personal travel takes you, Royal Coachman provides the finest chauffeured limo service New Jersey and the world have to offer.

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