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How to Cure The Tech-Bug That Ails You

Posted on: March 4th, 2014 by royalcoachmanww No Comments

limo service NJ, limousine service NJ, sedan serviceHave you ever found that implementing technology is like a hangover? All the early promises rapidly give way to an overburdening feeling that you can’t cope; that life’s not somehow better for the (tech) quantity introduced into your system. If technology leads you as a person or as an organization to feel ill then you need a cure, this post gives you a few ideas.

Ask yourself why

The start point for new technology must be a clear understanding of what it is that you want from it and how you’re going to achieve it – strategy. If you can clearly articulate this, for example that your workflow should be smoother, then you’ll be able to adapt to incorporate it into your program. If you don’t, at best it will become a toy and at worst it’ll be the bug you don’t want to catch.

Once you know what it is that you need something to do, you can begin to research possible solutions to meet your needs. Tech people are often very enthusiastic and creative people, so make sure when you conduct your research you ask probing and fundamental questions and don’t get seduced by numbers.

Selecting Solutions

Hopefully you’re now in a position to select something that will deliver the solution you need for you particular problem as part of your strategy and you have a bit of knowledge about the technology involved. It’s time to marry the two; taking goals and your possible solutions.

It’s at this point that it makes sense to have a fairly good idea of how you’re going to measure the performance of new technology. This should not be too challenging, as you know what it is you’re trying to achieve, so you just need to describe how you know if you’re achieving it.

Integrating Solutions

One massive reason that great and innovative technical solutions either fail or take a long time to become imbedded is because they are not implemented as a part of an integrated solution. Too often technology is thrown at an organization without training or any thought as to how it will affect working practices. This is the cause of the bug we talked about earlier.

Maybe you’re going to need to get some professional assistance to integrate the tech as a specific project. You also need to give some thought to how you’re going to manage during the change over period between the old and the new. Perhaps you just need to take on less commitments during this time.

As a service provider to many successful businesses and individuals, we know how important avoiding the tech bug is and we hope this helps in some small way. Ground transportation is one further aspect that we can help with. As one of the top 50 limousine companies in the U.S., Royal Coachman can offer you one guarantee: if you organize your transportation with us we’ll support you with an immaculate level of service.

How? With a fleet of more than 150 vehicles, highly trained staff and a company has a history of delivering outstanding transportation. Your transport requirement, no matter what size, is important to us and we’d love to be your ground transportation partner, either in our home areas of New York and New Jersey or through our affiliates, worldwide. Call our event support team to find out what immaculate service is like.



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