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How to Exercise While You’re On The Go

Are you a fitness freak who can’t seem to keep on top of things while traveling? If your job has you moving from place to place all the time, it can be very difficult for you to get into the groove. Still, there are some ways that you can make sure you get your fill of fitness while you’re remaining productive.

Pack Your Luggage Right

Taking equipment with you is an excellent way to get your workout on the go. Water weights and yoga mats are two small items that you can bring with you. Water weights are inflatable; just fill them up in the hotel bathroom and you can begin your routine. Yoga mats can be used for many aerobic exercises — you can even use them in the airport, if you have a long layover coming up!

Invest in a National Gym Membership

If you travel throughout the nation often, you may want to invest in a gym membership with a national chain, such as 24 Hour Fitness or Curves. With a national chain, you can often walk right into a local location without paying anything extra. Even if you don’t have a membership you can often purchase a day pass.

Don’t Forget the Pool

Not all hotels have a gym — or at least, they may not have a gym with the equipment you need — but most hotels have a pool. Swimming is one of the healthiest possible ways to exercise. Just remember to pack your swim suit or trunks! Just doing a few laps in the morning or the night may be enough to keep you charged.

Getting exercise while on your business trips isn’t just good for you — it’s good for your company! Studies have shown that exercising improves mental clarity, ensuring that you’ll be able to concentrate when it really counts.

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