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How to Green Your Meetings

Greener Events

A shocking statistic is that, on average, events and meetings produce 20 pounds of waste per person, per day – 4 times the amount they produce at home. It’s therefore, easy to see why green meetings and events are ever more desired by both attendees and companies alike. The good news is that, with some small changes, it’s possible to make a real difference to amount of waste your event will produce; this post gives you a few ideas how.

Green venue

The start point for event planning should be choosing a suitable and environmentally aware venue. This can be the most influential factor in the greenness of your event, as this is where the most of the waste will be produced. You can check online for green credentials but don’t be afraid to ask to see environmental policies and ask exactly where the waste is going.

After you’ve got your green venue, you now need to stage your event in the most sustainable way possible. So ensure that you first try to re-use any materials that you might have from previous events before you purchase anything new. When you do have to purchase things, try to make sure that they can be reused; even if this costs a little more. The total price of such a course is likely to be lower to you in the end and will definitely be lower to the environment.

Green Procedures

For all materials that you can’t re-use, you need to have a plan to recycle. So, first up ensure they’re recyclable. Then put a plan in place that makes it as easy as possible for attendees to recycle what they’ve used. Think about clear labeling of areas to drop used materials off in that are on a direct route for the attendee.

The last aspect that can have a major impact on how green your event is is the transportation plan. A green transportation plan does not mean that everyone must cycle from the airport. With good planning you can ensure that groups are met by larger transport options such as mini buses and luxury coaches, which will significantly reduce the amount of energy used.

Royal Coachman is a company based in New Jersey that operates locally, in New York, the Metro Area and worldwide, who respects and values its relationships with our environmentally responsible event planners. As one of the nation’s top limousine companies; with over 150 vehicles available, we can handle anything you need.  What’s more, we always try to understand where you’re coming from, so call us today to start a productive and prosperous business relationship.



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