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The Importance of Chauffeured Services When Trying to Impress Your Client

There are many reasons why impressing your current and future clients is so important. Statistics show that people would rather buy again and again from someone they know than someone they don’t. Getting chauffeur service in New Jersey is one way to impress your client. If you have been unsure about making this move, you might want to consider the following points.

Why You Should Think About Good Client Services

According to the Client Heartbeat website, giving good client services has a number of advantages.

Doing this right means that you’ll:

  • Have repeat customers
  • Avoid customer churn
  • Gain an advantage over your competitor
  • Enjoy an annual increase in your sales
  • Experience better customer relationships

This might sound like old hat to you, but it isn’t for your customers. Did you know the customers today are a little bit cynical? A full 44% of them believe that customer loyalty is dead. Customer service shouldn’t become a relic of the past. You know it doesn’t have to be. You can help change a client’s attitude by giving him/her good service. More importantly, you’ll help break this cycle by going the extra mile.


Getting Versus Keeping Customers

According to an article on LinkedIn, it costs four to 10 times more to get a new customer or client than it does to keep the one/s you already have. What’s more, a good portion of your business probably comes from your repeat customers, a full 65% of them according to some statistics.

Additionally, you’re not just looking at the initial sale when you look at the statistic. You are also looking at the upsells that you make from the initial sale and the cross-sells. Of the companies working with new customers, only 12% of the sales force was able to convert the original sale into a cross-sale or an upsell.


Some Additional (Important) Statistics

Did you know that 55% of your potential clients would be willing to pay more if they knew they could have a good experience? According to Huffington Post, this is true. In fact, 86% of them were even willing to pay for an upgrade.

Additionally, people would rather leave your service than tell you that they are unhappy with the service. Only one in 26 of them will actually complain. The rest will just leave. The question you have to ask yourself then, is was there a small thing I could have done to change this?

For example, let’s say that you’re working with a speaker’s bureau to bring a nationally recognized speaker to town to speak. You’re wondering if you should suggest hiring a limo to pick up the speaker at the airport. You know that the speaker would enjoy the luxury of having the limo as well as having the additional privacy.

However, you might be afraid that the speakers’ bureau will not want to pay for it. Already we’ve learned that your long-time clients are willing to pay more for an upsell, so why not ask? It can’t hurt, and very often the transportation to these events is already paid for. Even the act of asking can make a difference. People will often perceive that you are giving them better service just because you asked, thus putting you in a good light.

Our highly trained chauffeurs are aware of the importance of impressing clients and, as such, are always courteous, well-mannered and punctual. Likewise, our luxury vehicles are well-maintained, safe and comfortable, with amenities guaranteed to please even the most demanding client. Hence, when choosing our New York car service, you can rest assured knowing you will always leave a lasting impression.

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