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Why Is Important to Appear Successful and How to Do It

Ever heard the expression “fake it till you make it”?  It’s one of those tired clichés that you’ll hear at every self-improvement convention and in every ‘how to make a million dollars’ blogs. That’s because, in business at least, it’s pretty accurate.

Whether you are meeting important clients, trying to secure a deal with some tricky customers or even going to an interview, it’s important to appear successful.


Dress to Impress

 It’s not good enough to turn up to a meeting in a suit you’ve been wearing all week, with a shirt that’s creased. Make sure you have a separate suit for each day of the week, get them properly washed and check them regularly for signs of wear or damage.

It sounds like we’re going a little over the top here but appearing successful is all about those subconscious details that give you that overall presence.


Get Your Body Language Right

 There are countless studies done on body language. It’s one of those habits that is super hard to get into and so easy to drop.

You need to practice every day to improve your body language.

Here are the basics:

  • Positive Body Position – sit up straight, stand tall, lean in when you’re listening and hold your head high when you’re talking.


  • Eye Contact – This is super important to project confidence. Look whoever you’re talking to in the eye. It can seem a little much at first and it’s okay to glance away occasionally. A good tip is to move between each and their nose, this way your gaze won’t seem so intense.


  • Handshake – A firm, confident handshake is one of the first rules of business. Don’t get this wrong!


Act Like You Know What You’re Doing

 This one is a double-edged sword in many ways. You shouldn’t pretend like you know the answer to everything, and it’s always better to ask for advice if you need it.

However, you should appear confident in your field and never let on that you are out of your depth.


Wake Up Earlier Than Your Competition

 9 out of 10 times if you wake up late, people will be able to tell. If you turn up to work with an un-ironed shirt or a coffee stain on your tie, it will give a really bad impression. Not to mention the psychological effect it will have on your performance. Set your alarm earlier than it needs to be and give yourself plenty of time to prepare for the day.


Arrive in Style

 If you want to impress your customers or business partners, there’s no better way than turning up in one of our chauffeur driven limos.


Improve Your Online Presence

 This rule wasn’t available ten years ago but nowadays it’s extremely important. You should expect customers, competitor, business partners or prospective employers to check you out on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you’re promoting yourself in the right way on social media and, you’ll reap the rewards.

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