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Make Flying Friendlier

Flying is one of the most stressful ways to travel. You really do surrender most of your control over your destiny and just have to endure for the time it takes to get you to your destination. When you must travel more frequently for business travel, these frustrations multiply. This short post brings you a few tips to make your flights as relaxing as possible.

Dress sensibly

This is a tough one, you need to wear a suit and suitably smart clothing for your job but this is probably the least comfortable thing to wear flying. If however, you wear cloths made from natural fibers, loosen collars and avoid anything too tight, it should be bearable.

Get up and move around

Part of the discomfort experienced during flight is a result of having to sit still for so long; bodies do lying down for a long time well, but not sitting. Your blood stops flowing and limbs can start to hurt. The solution is to simply get up and go for a short walk every few hours.

Staying with the discomfort of sitting for long periods, you can perform simple exercises while seated that will also make it easier to bear. Simply flexing your ankles, rotating your neck from side to side, and rolling your shoulders will help to relieve stress. This will prevent unhealthy collection of fluids leading to swollen ankles and feet that many people experience at the end of a long flight.

The importance of distraction

Most people are actually pretty bad at ‘switching off’ for the entire duration of a long-haul flight. As well as catching a movie or playing games, doing something active with your brain like Sudoku or a challenging book will help to relieve tension.

Ground transportation is another aspect that we can help with. As one of the top 50 limousine companies in the U.S., Royal Coachman can offer you one guarantee: if you organize your transportation with us we’ll support you with an immaculate level of service.

How? With a fleet of more than 150 vehicles, highly trained staff and a company has a history of delivering outstanding transportation. Your transport requirement, no matter what size, is important to us and we’d love to be your ground transportation partner, either in our home areas of New York and New Jersey or through our affiliates, worldwide. Call our event support team to find out what immaculate service is like.

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