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New Tech Items for Travelers Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show

If you’re one of those business travelers who is eager to get ahold of the latest in electronic gadgets, many of the travel-related items that were revealed at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas are bound to excite your imagination.

Here is a sampling of some of the most interesting innovations to come out of the show, as noted by Travel and Leisure magazine.
Dell Tablet

Dell’s new 87840 tablet is a portable computer with an 8.4-inch OLED screen that beats Apple at its own game, as this new device is thinner by 0.1 inch as compared to the iPad Air 2. The built-in RealSense camera is designed to record more details and can work in 3D to develop stunning images.
Wireless Speakers from Philips

If you’re tired of putting up with tinny sound coming out of your smartphone or laptop when you want to listen to music or watch a video during your travels, you should check out the Phillips FL3X wireless speakers. These cookie-sized speakers are sufficiently small and flat to easily fit in your pocket, making them ideal for listening to high quality audio when you’re on the go. Philip’s speakers connect with your devices via Bluetooth and provide up to 12 hours when fully charged (over USB).

Light Therapy from Luminette

Anyone who has struggled with insomnia or jet lag while traveling will want to check out the new eyewear from Luminette. Wear the eyewear for 30 minutes in the morning for maximum light therapy effect, and you can chase away seasonal affective disorder and adjust your biological clock as you travel between distant time zones.

Portable HD Projector

Don’t put up with watching movies on the tiny screen of your mobile device or laptop, or making your business colleagues huddle around a tablet when you want to show them a presentation. Instead, use the ZTE Spro 2, a portable HD projector that displays content from an SD card or from the smartphone, laptop or other device that you connect to it over Bluetooth. What’s more, the ZTE Spro 2 serves as a 4G LTE broadband hotspot so you can go online whenever you need to, even when Wi-Fi service is unavailable.
Whether you are seeking devices to help you get your work done more effectively or are more in the mood for items that will help you stay comfortable and entertained while you en route to your next destination, the offerings from the CES are bound to whet your appetite for new travel gadgets.


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