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Where to Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks in New Jersey for 2016/2017

New Year’s Eve is a great time to get together with friends and loved ones and get out to enjoy the fireworks and festivities. For those looking to enjoy the night’s exciting events in New Jersey, there are lots of great fireworks shows taking place all over the state. To help you navigate the night with the aid of a little local knowledge, we give you a quick guide to catching some of these fantastic fireworks shows.


Delaware River Waterfront

Every year, one of the most thrilling shows in all of Pennsylvania takes place at the Delaware River Waterfront. The reason this is of interest in New Jersey is because it is viewed up-close and just as well from the New Jersey side of the river. For early and late-comers, this show actually features two firework displays, one at 6pm and the other at midnight.


If you can find the Benjamin Franklin Bridge or the renowned Adventure Aquarium, this is the stretch of river that will give the best view of the show. Specifically, many gather at the aquarium and the ferry docks nearby for some of the best views. In addition, the vicinities of Penn Street and Pearl Street offer some great spots as well.


Morris County First Night

For those looking for a lot more revelry than just fireworks, Morris County First Night has it all. This massive event kicks off at 4:45pm on New Year’s Eve and doesn’t end until after midnight and after two amazing fireworks shows have been conducted. Attendees will enjoy many venues, vendors, performances, art exhibits, and more as the afternoon progresses toward countdown time of the 25th anniversary of this year’s commencement.


This celebration takes place in Morristown, New Jersey but the overhead extravaganza is certainly viewable from many other places nearby. Morristown High School provides an alternate and popular viewing area just blocks away. One might also try simply touring this attractive, downtown area while also positioning for the display overhead. The choice is yours.


Statue of Liberty Fireworks Display

Living in or visiting New Jersey always puts you in a prime spot between the glamour of New York City and the charm of old Philadelphia – each location just across a narrow river from New Jersey soil. This fact also helps greatly when it comes to events such as fireworks. Like the Delaware River Waterfront display mentioned above, the Statue of Liberty Fireworks display takes place just across state lines but is equally enjoyable no matter which side you are on.


Taking place over this world-renowned statue and the beautifully reflective waters of the Hudson River, millions admire this one from both sides of the river. The Bergen/Lafayette area provides the best viewing from the New Jersey side for this one. Liberty State Park provides the absolute best views though aside from being in an aircraft or boat.


Keep in mind that there are a lot more displays going on the state than just these few, and the excitement of the night is never far away. For the safest, most entertaining night without all of the transportation headache, give us a call today. Trust your friends here at Royal Coachman to help you make the very best of this special night that only comes once each year.

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