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No Fantasy Football Draft Here…It’s the REAL McCoy!

Football fans can soon ignore the many rumors and mock drafts because the real event is coming soon to New York City. The 77th annual NFL draft is scheduled for April 26th-28th at Radio City Music Hall in Rockefeller Center. If you are an executive or a staff member of an NFL or college team, you can ride to the venue in luxury by taking the best limo service in New Jersey, Royal Coachman.

The annual draft of the nation’s top college football players is performed in reverse order of each teams’ previous record. By virtue of the New York Giants’ stunning victory in Super Bowl LXVI over the New England Patriots, this makes the Giants the recipient of the last pick of the first round of 30 picks. In contrast, the team with the worst record last season, the Indianapolis Colts, selects #1 in the first round.

With the first pick, the Colts are expected to draft the most highly rated player in the draft, in this case, Stanford University’s quarterback Andrew Luck. However the very next player expected to be drafted, quarterback Robert Griffin III of Baylor is equally a highly touted player and the team who possesses the #2 position is New York Giants rival, the Washington Redskins who gained the pick via a trade with the St. Louis Rams.

After the NFL and college football seasons are over, fans have taken to the many social media platforms to analyze, dissect and predict what college players will be picked in the first round and all have high expectations of who their favorite team will select. But just because a player was highly regarded in college, doesn’t necessarily translate well into the professional ranks.  Of course there have been game changing superstars that have been drafted #1 overall in the first round: John Elway in 1983, Troy Aikman in 1989, Peyton Manning in 1998, and Eli Manning in 2004, who all led their teams to Super Bowl victories.

But there have been a lot of college players that went bust when they reached the pros. Take for example JaMarcus Russell,  the #1 overall pick in 2007. The Louisiana State University quarterback who went 21-4 as a starter in college, was drafted by the hapless Oakland Raiders, then held out for more money until he received a $61 million contract, $32 million which was guaranteed money. After just three seasons with the Raiders, Russell went 7-18 as the starter and is now out of professional football. Another starting example of a draft bust is Ryan Leaf, who played college ball at Washington State University. Leaf was so highly regarded that he was the #2 overall pick in the first round of the 1998 NFL draft by the San Diego Chargers. Beset with injuries, poor performance and personal problems, Leaf was out of professional football. Just recently, Ryan Leaf made the news again, only in a far less positive light. Less than a month ago, he was arrested on burglary, theft and drug charges, not once, but twice in a span of 4 days.

Thus, each of the 30 teams of the NFL is well aware of the risks involved in their selection, which makes the evaluation process a state of the art science. But hope springs eternal for each of the teams as they dream of securing the next Joe Montana, who wasn’t picked until the end of the 3rd round in 1979 or a Tom Brady, who wasn’t picked until the 6th round of the 2000 draft.

The excitement is building for both fans and their respective team’s organizational staff. Many visitors know they won’t get a bust in selecting a New Jersey limo service by choosing Royal Coachman as their #1 chauffeured limousine and ground transportation service!

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