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Operator Says: Use the Gasoline Octane Levels Specified by the Manufacturer

Many people do not realize the importance of using the gasoline octane level suggested by the automaker. If you just purchased a new vehicle, before putting gas in your tank, make sure you know the specified octane level. Using the wrong gasoline will cause problems that you can avoid by making the right choice.


Different Grades of Gas


Choosing the appropriate octane level is extremely important for all vehicles. This is why reputable NJ limo companies pay close attention to the fuel chosen. After all, there are different grades of fuel, each made for different engines. For example, when pulling up to the pump, you see several nozzles, each labeled with a unique type of gas. Depending on where you live and purchase gas, these include regular, premium, low octane, 87, 89, 93, and so on. For each type of gas, the price varies, with the best fuel being the most expensive.


Keep in mind that regardless of where you purchase gasoline, a branded versus non-branded station, the quality is the virtually the same. The reason is that gasoline is closely regulated and mandated by law to contain certain levels of octane, ethanol, detergents, and other ingredients. The only real difference between stations is that brand gas stations typically sell fuel that has more engine-cleaning detergents. But the level is so small that it does not really matter.


The bigger concern has to do with octane levels. To ensure that you choose the right gasoline octane level for the type of vehicle you drive, you should learn about the numbers associated with the fuel.


Making the Right Choice


Typically, only high-performance engines are fueled with a higher-octane level of gasoline because these engines generate higher compression within the cylinder, as well as increased power. For your vehicle, you always want to look at the owner’s manual or contact a reputable dealership to determine the level of octane your car needs.


Usually, an 87 octane level is what manufacturers suggest for gasoline vehicles. However, if your particular engine uses a higher compression ratio or has turbocharging force, you may need something different. By using the appropriate gasoline octane level, you will ensure that your car runs at peak performance, and will save money due to higher fuel efficiency.


If you accidentally use the wrong octane level, you will notice that the vehicle does not run properly. In addition, a knocking noise may start, and if you continue to use the wrong gasoline, the engine and emissions control system will experience damage. Therefore, it is always important to know the appropriate fuel for your specific engine.


Top-Quality Fleet


The reason you enjoy a smooth and seamless ride when choosing a top NJ limo service is that the company uses the appropriate gasoline. However, by using gasoline of the correct octane level in NJ limo fleet, this also saves significant money long term.

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