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Royal Coachman: A Commitment to Excellence

The best way to gain, build and maintain trust and loyalty is to provide a unique experience. This is what we believe and this is what we do.

The governing principle that best describes our practices is called Duty of Care– a system of checks and balances that has proved its’ effectiveness. It is a system that all transportation companies would like to adopt, but few manage to implement.

In the industry of ground transportation, insurance, passenger safety and licensing have become hot topics. It is our duty – as an industry and as a business – to assure our customers that their safety is our top priority.

At the 2016 GBTA Convention in Denver, Kevin Iwamoto, Senior Consultant at Goldspring Consultingsharing, shared his thoughts on what duty of care means, its’ importance for events and meetings and what are the responsibilities of event and meeting leaders as far as onsite planning is concerned.

As Kevin himself puts it, Duty of care in today’s world is not a “nice to have,” it is a must­-have. That is why we choose to share with you some of the best practices that have been discussed during the panel session.

An emergency response plan for international travel should be established, covering all contingencies, including political unrest, natural disasters and military action. ­­When we ask or employees and contractors to go abroad for the benefit of the corporate mission, it is smart and responsible to bring everyone back home, safe and sound. Also, the design of your company’s plan must include your key suppliers.

Your third-­party risk ­management partner (e.g., iSOS, iJet, venues, travel ­management company) must be able to offer services to all types of travelers (volunteers and other non-­employees, staff) and sort by group for accurate tracking and reporting needs. For travelers booked to visit a mid-­ to high-­risk area, pre-­trip “know before you go” communications should be included.

Your travelers must benefit from a good communication plan. The plan should be clear and straightforward so that everyone knows what to do and whom to call in case of an emergency. Use mobile apps and documents that don’t require Internet access to provide the necessary information. It is recommended to use one main link to gain immediate access to protocols.  Multiple links and phone numbers should be made available as a last resort.

Use smart communications, special alerts, policies and web pages to educate your travelers.

You have to make sure that travelers understand relevant details, for example a rescheduled trip or the airlines assuming their flight reservations. The accuracy of the booked data influences the traveler­ tracking program. It can’t be fully effective if adjustments to the itineraries aren’t brought to the attention of the travel or meetings manager.

One must not be taken by surprise by the unexpected. The international travel isn’t regular business. It is important to know the available reserves in case of emergency and also instructing travelers to revise their insurance coverage and to ensure the availability of other services. Getting advice and planning the trip ahead is essential.

You must have enough money, preferably cash, so you can acquire hotel rooms, a large amount of tickets, charter flights or other last minute preparations if guest mass evacuation is needed.

A team effort is required. All its members must take part when it comes to risk management and responsibility,­­ including human resources, travel, security, senior management or risk staff. Your goal must be a mixed solution that contains all your travelers’ needs while emphasizing that every person in that firm, management or not, is responsible for traveler safety and well-being. Any change of status or an emergency case must be brought immediately to everyone’s attention. It is required that all staff contact information is kept up-­to-­date with regularity.

Royal Coachman has earned the distinction of becoming one of the nation’s top 50, award-winning limo services in New Jersey and beyond, and one of the leading ground transportation companies in the world: Combination of people, technologies and equipment driven by Determination, Dedication, Commitment, and Caring.

Royal Coachman is proud of the services it provides throughout the state of New Jersey and our clients are satisfied knowing their needs are attended with the utmost care. Thank you for considering us as your go-to company for all your corporate ground travel needs.

Take your time to browse our services and let us know how can we help.

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