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Royal Coachman’s Top Tips on Scoring Travel Upgrades

Use a Booking Code to Upgrade Your Flight

If you are a frequent flier looking for an upgrade, try a booking code. By using Y or B, if there is a spot open in the next class, you will get bumped up. You will still pay the full ticket price but not the upgrade charge! When booking a ticket, ask for the upgrade. The day before your flight, check your status of your ticket. One hundred hours before the flight leaves, you should see your upgrade.

Use Kindness and Offer Your Seat Up

If you are a kind person, volunteer to let a family or friend fly together. This can score you an upgrade with the airline on the next flight. You could receive a flight voucher or the agent at the gate could bump you up.

Dress Stylish to Score an Upgrade

When Economy class is overbooked, agents at the gate will pick people to be moved up. Sometimes it’s depending on how you dress if you are chosen or not. Don’t forget your best manners when checking in on your flight. Flashing a smile and let them know you hope you will be considered for any possible upgrades. It may be possible for an upgrade for about one to two hundred dollars more and they would rather pass it on to you than a frequent flier.

Use Airline Reward Cards for Added Savings

US Airways and American Airlines are now merging together. This means you need to sign up for both of their rewards cards. US Airways is called Premier World MasterCard. Americans is Citi Select-AAdvantage American Express. Combining bonus miles when signing up, a flier could have as many as seventy thousand miles that can be used. The merger can take a few years. But can you imagine taking a vacation you dreamed of when it happens?

Stock Up On Bonus Miles to Grab Upgrades

Airlines are now selling miles with bonuses. If you purchased fifty thousand miles you might receive twenty-five or even fifty thousand more miles as a bonus. Use these bonus miles to upgrade your flight.

Hotel Upgrades

When the counter isn’t busy, ask the front desk clerk for an upgrade. When they know business is slow, it can happen. Request a higher floor with a spectacular view or other upgrades you know they have to offer. If you have a reservation on a room that is premium there is a better chance to be upgraded than a room that was already discounted.

Use Airfare Consolidators

Don’t be afraid to use an authentic airfare consolidator. There are plenty of sites that will offer discounted prices. These consolidators offer international fares for business and first class. How about flying business class for two thousand dollars to London instead of paying six thousand dollars? Be flexible on your days and time to get even bigger discounts.

Using a Limo Service

Royal Coachman is a limousine service that is ranked in the top fifty in the US. Based out of New Jersey, Royal Coachman offers services for all your group and corporate travel needs, both in the New Jersey/New York Metro area and worldwide.

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