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Royal Coachman’s Travel Tips: Things to do at the airport if you get stranded by weather

Getting stranded at an airport is certainly no fun, but there are things you can do to help you pass the time, and make the wait seem shorter. Find ways to make the most of what otherwise would be a more stressful situation. Sure, your trip might have been delayed, but you can use the time creatively, until you are on your way once again.


If the delay between flights will be a long one, use a limousine service from Royal Coachman to travel to a local hotel. You can usually obtain vouchers at the airport for certain hotels in the area, and your Royal Coachman driver will know where each one is located. Even if you happen to be stranded in the town where you live, a driver can take you to a hotel, which is more comfortable than going all the way back home.


If your weather delay will be long enough to spend time browsing the area shops, your Royal Coachman driver will know the best shopping areas to hit in the general area of the airport. This way, you’ll be close enough to get back for your flight, without being stuck in the terminal the whole time.


Spending time looking through various shops will give you and your family something to pass the time while you’re waiting for your flight, and make the time seem less stressful. Grab some snacks and puzzle books for any time you may have left to wait, if you decide to head back to the airport a bit early.


You may also decide to dine at a nearby restaurant while you’re waiting for that next flight to take off. Our drivers will know which restaurants will suit your needs the best, when you tell them what type of food you’d like to have. Then you can eat a relaxing meal, while your driver waits to whisk you back to the airport in time for your flight.


If you don’t have a long delay, perhaps there are a couple local attractions that aren’t a far drive from the airport. This could be the chance that you’ve always wanted– to see some of the sights. Whether they are museums or other indoor sites where you can spend time, or just landmarks you’d like to see from a limo, the time will be well-spent and it will be time for your flight before you know it.


No one likes to spend time at airports when their flight has been delayed, so these plans will help you pass the time in a much more pleasant way. Talk to your Royal Coachman driver to determine which places are the easiest to get to, depending on the amount of time you have to kill. You can see and do more things than you might think, given just a relatively short layover. It’s a lot more productive than sitting in the terminal and waiting for the weather to break.




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