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Rules of the Game: Executive Travel Etiquette

One of the many challenges of executive travel is adapting to new things. You may have a new time zone, new surroundings and your schedule will certainly be new. Some of the aspects, like choosing the right executive sedan service or what you wear, you can control, but many others you can’t. On top of all these factors you’ve got to succeed in your business goals – you’ll need to build fruitful new relationships and create a positive impression with the clients you meet. This is where travel etiquette comes in; if you can get this aspect right, then the other challenges will become more manageable. Those with good travel etiquette skills will make those key deals and expand their network. That’s why this weeks’ post outlines the key rules of the game for business travelers.


When traveling you may lose control of where, when and what you eat. There’s no way to change this and you’re going to need to be flexible to succeed. You need to take your cue from your client; let them subtly set the tone for the meal. If they want to eat a full meal, fine; if they just want a quick snack and then to get down to business, it’s wise to follow suit. Be sensible with alcohol at meal times and again, let your client set the tone.

Stay Organized

If you’re always the one in your group losing things or forgetting to check out on time, you just going to create tension. The key to not being that person is staying organized. Make sure you’ve got all your key documents somewhere safe and that you have a backup for technology. You can’t afford to allow a small mishap, like losing your smartphone, result in the entire business trip failing.

Keep Personal Life Personal

Staying connected with those that are special to you is both necessary and important for your mental balance. You do, however; need to do that at the right time and in the right setting. In particular, avoid making your clients wait while you speak to your family or allowing them to overhear a personal conversation in the back of a limousine on route to a corporate event. There will always be emergencies but as a rule stick to messages and keep the phone on silent.

Travel With Cash

Traveling with a small amount of cash can help out in many unforeseen circumstances. It will mean the difference between your group having to wait around or find an ATM, and you being underway with your tasks, in the event of a minor mishap.


It is always wise to be on time; even if your client is often late. Nobody likes to be kept waiting, it is time wasted. So make sure you’re never the cause.  Where flights are concerned, leaving enough time and choosing the right method of getting to the airport can make a massive difference.

Dress Appropriately

The rule, that has stood the test of time and many changes in our society, is to: dress one step above your client. They still set the tone but you match it with an appropriate outfit that says you’re professional and respectable. Clearly, individual business cultures and individuals’ personal quirks can play

Royal Coachman Worldwide is a limousine company based in New Jersey that knows the value of good travel etiquette. That’s why our own staff is always immaculately dressed, friendly and faultlessly polite.    We’d love to be your responsible ground transportation partner.  Give us a call today!


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