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When Spending a Little More Is a Good Idea

Being frugal is a virtue, right? Most people believe that a penny saved is a penny earned, but when does being penny-wise become being pound-foolish? For many, knowing when spending a little more is a good idea can be troublesome. However, there are some instances when spending more money can mean much better rewards. Especially in travel, a few extra dollars can make all of the
difference in convenience, experience, and value.

For instance, at Royal Coachman, we know that clients who choose to spend a little bit more by hiring our car service in New Jersey receive a fantastic value for their money. For not much more than taxi service, our fleet of professionally chauffeured luxury vehicles ensures our clients are always on time, in comfort, and in style for all of their appointments, meetings, and events. When time is money, hiring our NJ limo service is a convenient, stress-free, and budget-friendly idea.

Another often overlooked area where slight splurges make more sense than the most cut-rate option is in hotel choices. Many travelers may be tempted to book the lowest business class hotel rate available, but frequently, spending a little more means a huge difference in value and comfort. Finding a middle-range business hotel property that includes breakfast, free Wi-Fi, complimentary parking, and other conveniences can actually mean huge savings over the length of a trip. Instead of being nickeled and dimed only to find confusingly high expenses at the end of the stay, find a property that offers more for the standard daily rate.

Upgrading airline tickets to first class isn’t an option for everyone, and can be cost prohibitive on many flights. However, most airlines offer a comfort class option that costs only slightly more than a full coach seat. These classes of service typically provide larger seats with more leg room for your extended flight comfort, complimentary drinks and snacks, and free baggage check. Often, spending more on the class of service means less chance of a missed flight because you are given boarding preference. Overall, spending more, in this case, can save you or your company hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Another frequent traveler secret of when it makes a lot of sense to spend more is on event tickets. Paying slightly more to receive a VIP experience, shorter lines, or more convenient seating can often mean maximizing your limited time to thoroughly enjoy the event experience. VIP or box seat passes to sporting events and concerts will also often include other perks, such as a complimentary buffet and drinks, free parking, and a private bathroom.

We all love our budget finds, but there are certainly some occasions while traveling that can be a much more memorable, enjoyable, and ultimately less expensive experience if you spend a little more up front. The next time you are visiting New Jersey, let Royal Coachman’s professional staff assist in planning your trip to get the most memorable experience possible for your travel budget.

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