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Staying Longer For Business, What’s Changing

Posted on: June 10th, 2014 by royalcoachmanww No Comments

Many say, and a fair few business people know, that business travel these days can mean increasingly longer trips away. As our companies are expanding and new business is growing, people are required to spend ever longer away from home. These people need the sort of luxuries and experience that they’d normally only find at home in their hotel rooms or corporate apartments. This post gives you a few ideas about what to expect if you find yourself in a similar situation.

An apartment away from home

A popular choice, particularly overseas is the serviced apartment. These typically come fully furnished and have equipped kitchens and all the amenities to be found at home. They offer the dislocated executive a high quality experience with little of the downsides associated with renting.

In the hotel market, suitable offerings can also be found with ‘residentially-inspired suites’ provide business people away from home with laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, space to socialize and 24 hour access to a gym. They also have the family in mind – a vital aspect of keeping the executive on an extended trip happy – with things families need, including; board games, baby monitors and night lights. People who occasionally expect the family to stay need to have a bit of space and a suitable kitchen, so these suites are designed with this in mind.

Changing needs

It is not just the upturn that has led to an increasing demand for extended stay accommodation, the people and the dynamics are changing. The younger generation has different needs to previous generations of corporate long-stay travelers. They may need ‘common areas’ where they can hang out together or high quality fitness facilities on site. The younger traveler also wants access to retail and dining facilities in the local area more than they want suburban peace. It is rare that a formal sit down breakfast is necessary during the week, here a bagel and coffee on the go – so longs as its good quality is much more what’s needed.

We hope this short post helps to orientate you the next time you need to be away from home for an extended period. When it comes to getting business travel right, Royal Coachman is a Limousine company that knows its customers are an exceptional people that need exceptional service. We operate in New York, New Jersey and, through our affiliates, worldwide and are rated within the top 50 limousine companies in the U.S. We can offer your event a seamless transport plan, which delivers exactly what your customers need without them even knowing it. We’d love to be your transport partner, so speak to our business travel team today to ensure one aspect is immaculate.


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