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The Expensify App for Expense Reporting Gets an Upgrade

Posted on: April 8th, 2015 by royalcoachmanww No Comments

limo service NJ, NJ limoIf managing expense reports is your least favorite part of flying on behalf of your business, you’re in good company. Having to keep track of all your purchases and making sure that they are eligible expenses can be time-consuming. 

To that end, the Expensify – Expense Reports, Receipts, Mileage, Time Entry and Travel app for mobile devices was designed to help weary business travelers save time, reduce paperwork and minimize the hassles that come with expense reporting duties.

All the end user has to do is launch the app and use Expensify to take a picture of a receipt, and then select which expense report the receipt’s image should go into. The app automatically scans the details in the receipt and generates the expense for your records. This is much easier than typing it in manually and then hanging onto the paper record.

More than 2.5 million users from 300,000 companies are currently using Expensify, according to the developer. 

Besides scanning in receipts, you can use Expensify to keep track of your hourly rate and how much time you worked on a particular job or project. You can use your smartphone’s GPS to keep track of the miles you travel. It includes support for worldwide currencies with automatic currency conversion. Companies are able to set up the app with their own expense policy details, implementing Expensify to administrate rules and tags for each user.

One interesting and useful feature lets users import their credit card transaction details, which comes in handy if they lost a receipt before getting a chance to scan it in with the app.

The upgrade made on March 26, 2015 is a user interface change, eliminating the old home screen. Now a large “plus” button that users tap to start creating their new expenses. Also added to the app was SAML support for improved authentication and more precise usage of GPS data.

Expensify is a free app and is available for use on Android devices and Apple’s iOS devices.

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