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Tips for Business Travel when You Have a Young Family

Business travel can be tough at times. And it can be especially tough when you’ve got a young family at home. You have to go out and provide for your family, but that means spending time away and missing important parts of their lives.

Whether you are a young mom or dad, you can’t miss out on these years and with technology these days you really don’t have to.


Stay Connected

Back in the day, you would be lucky to call home from a business trip. There were no mobile phones, and international call rates were ridiculously expensive. But in 2017, you can call from anywhere in the world completely free of charge.

Always book a hotel room with free Wi-Fi or alternatively buy a 4G travel dongle so you can be connected anywhere in the world. If you have an iPhone or other Apple products, you can use FaceTime or alternatively download Skype to your phone and laptop.

You should try and call home every day so the kids can see your face and hear your voice. That way you won’t seem like a stranger when you get home.


Make Coming Home an Event

Business travel can be really exhausting. You have to cram in meetings every day and travel through the night but don’t forget your kids will be really excited to see you.

You need to save some energy for your homecoming and spend some time with your family as soon as you get through the door. Young children won’t understand that you’re jet-lagged and just want to go to bed.


Take Your Family Along

Where possible, why not take your young family along with you. If you can add a few extra days either side of your business trip, you can bring the family along. Make sure they have plenty of activities planned while you’re working and a comfortable apartment to relax in.

Of course, you can’t take them with you on every trip, but it will help them understand where you’re going if they have been with you.


Think About Your Partner

If your partner is staying at home and looking after the kids, you need to think about their needs as well. While you know that business travel isn’t all fun and games, they will romanticize it and think you’re having the time of your life.

Make sure you tell them about your day and ask about theirs. It’s important that you empathize with them or they might grow to resent your frequent travel.


Don’t Feel Guilty

Remember that you are providing for your family and you have to live your own life as well. If you are making a serious effort to stay in contact and make time when you are home, then you have nothing to feel guilty about.

If you want to make your business travel easier, then book onto our NJ Airport Shuttle service. We don’t mind bringing the kids to the airport to see you off, then dropping them safely off at home after.

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