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Tips for hosting memorable corporate events

Creating a memorable corporate event does more than just help you celebrate important company milestones or people, they can help your company stand out in your industry. The best corporate affairs combine delicious food, tasty drinks, and interesting these and locations. Here are few tips to consider as you’re planning your next corporate event.

Create a New Concoction

Maybe you’re celebrating opening up an office in Hawaii or a milestone company birthday. Why not create a drink that captures the occasion? For a Hawaiian-themed drink, you could pick a blue or green liqueur to emulate the blue and green of the ocean. A pink liqueur could stand for the joy of the milestone. Be creative.

Memorable Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to keep up with team members in other offices or even honored guests during party night. If you really want to brand your event, think up a hashtag for Twitter that’s specific to your event. Use your business’s name plus a party date or some other significant marker. As an added bonus, if you keep up the tweeting throughout the whole event, your event might even garner the attention of industry professionals that don’t work in your office.

Take Advantage of Nice Weather

Having a celebration at the local golf course or the local museum’s botanical gardens is a nice way to help your guests enjoy the beautiful weather and all it brings. If you opt for an outdoor setting, choose one with lush landscaping. This can become part of your decorating theme. And it helps you save money. You’ll pay for the venue, but you won’t pay for the decorating extras. The beauty of the place will make the party memorable to your guests and the lower price will make it memorable to you!

Fun Decorating Themes

Decorating themes can play a big role in the vibe of your event. They’ll also be contingent on the space you rent. For example, let’s say that you’re planning an Oscars party to coincide with the telecast of the Academy Awards. Additionally, imagine that your corporate offices are in New York City, but you’ve opted to hold the party in New Jersey to keep the costs down.

The question is, then, how to you capture that glamorous Hollywood feeling in the New Jersey venue? You could do this by asking your guests to come in beautiful gowns and fancy tuxedos. Serve champagne and finger foods: Base your food and drink selection on what might be served at a Hollywood party. Then, think about splurging on a chauffeur service in New Jersey. Having your guests arrive in such a way honors the spirit of such a party in a fun and memorable way. And hiring a car service ensures that guests get home safely if they’ve had too much to drink.

Final Thoughts

So many ways exist that allow you to really make your corporate events memorable and fun. Creating a special drink or a new hashtag helps brand the event to your company and to the industry. Additionally, hiring our New Jersey car service to transport your guests to and from events offers a fun way to add some glamor to the situation. It also ensures that they get home safely. Finally, deciding to set your event in a beautiful place like a botanical garden helps create a stunning backdrop to your party and helps you save on decorating expenses.

Why not hire one of our cars for your next event? You’ll enjoy the promptness and courtesy of our professional drivers as well as our luxurious limos. Doing this could help your event be memorable and ensures that your guests arrive home safely and well cared for.

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